Lesson 16 – Breastfeeding – Small Things

First, please confirm that you fully support and encourage all mothers to exclusively breastfeed their babies in the first 6 months of life. Because, in addition to what you have heard a lot, read a lot, that breast milk helps children develop comprehensively, contains antibodies that help children fight diseases when they are too young ... then breast milk also helps: reduce the rate of sudden death In babies, they help reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease for babies later. Mom quickly regains her beautiful physique every day, also reduces the risk of some diseases such as, and. Many documents also noted that reducing the risk of ovarian cancer too (but this is too new, need more studies, happy I just welcome). In general, both mother and child are healthy and beautiful


Lesson 16 - Breastfeeding - Small Things

Can anyone breastfeed their babies?
Most are possible but there are some cases where a mother should not breastfeed during:
Chickenpox develops 5 days before delivery until 2 days after birth
Herpes in the breast
Please note the word "in period" dentist. Because when TB is treated well, Herpes wound is healing, chickenpox is gone, you can breastfeed your baby normally.
In addition, if you use drugs, you are taking medication to treat the disease, ALWAYS consult a doctor when breastfeeding. Narcotics or some drugs can pass through milk, you need medicine but your baby does not need it, moreover, drugs can be harmful when entering the baby's body. Breastmilk is great, but breastmilk is "impurities".
Some "thought" illnesses are not possible to breastfeed, but are actually possible:
: babies are vaccinated within hours after birth
Hepatitis C
Infected with Herpes simplex virus, as long as the wound is not located in the nipple
Prenatal amniotic infection or endometritis after birth
You may not understand these words, if you need information, you can ask your doctor.
How long after birth to breastfeed?
A few hours after birth, your baby is ready
Within the first 2-3 days after birth, you have a very valuable thing that is colostrum (yellow fluid, sometimes you see a little secretion during pregnancy).

Lesson 16 - Breastfeeding - Small Things

Breastfed babies will be provided in addition to nutrition also have antibodies, better digestive system. When the chest is 2-5 times larger than normal, it is time to "milk". Feed your baby on demand so that your body and your baby "deal" with each other for enough milk.
How does the nipple fall inside?
Nipple retracting makes it difficult for the baby to catch the nipple, and then refuses to cry, causing mother to panic. The thing to do is to be patient, sucking on the breast sometimes makes the nipples pop out. If the "situation does not improve" and suffering persists, look for "support" at the beginning. On the market there are many types and complete instructions. In addition to breastfeeding, you use the type of breast pump also improve.

Lesson 16 - Breastfeeding - Small Things

Breastfed and bottle-fed babies, which is better?
Direct breastfeeding is of course more delicious, just cuddled by her mother, her mother's pacifier is soft, not afraid of toxic chemicals, and always ready. No one has studied these two ways of breastfeeding yet, if for some reason, you cannot breastfeed directly, do not "twist" up. Babies still get enough nutrition, antibodies if the mother put milk into the bottle. Suffering each stage of storage, storage and hygiene of bottles. Moreover, because the mother's body adjusts the amount of milk according to the baby's needs, expressing milk if not regular, often, sometimes "not enough supply".
What to eat and how much to eat when breastfeeding?
Drink about 8 glasses of water a day (be it water, milk, fruit juice ...

Lesson 16 - Breastfeeding - Small Things

Take 1000mg of calcium daily: with milk, dairy foods like cheese, yogurt, orally
Supplement 0.4mg folic acid daily (pills or eat green vegetables, juice)
Eat fish 2-3 times per week, which is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals
Eat what you find delicious and enjoy, as long as you're not over-eating or just eating something, and the most misleading thing is not to eat greens and fruits.
As stated earlier, I support breastfeeding, but not to this level:
- Husband: what is the problem with breastfeeding after finishing? (meaning why there is no milk, the baby keeps crying), how can I feed the cow with breast milk?
- Wife: Oh, you're good at feeding me (straw eyes)
- I: The baby is hungry, give him a piece of milk, is it okay? Slowly, he will have a milk and then suckle for a long time, don't make his mother nervous, because his milk is hard to find !!!.

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