Lesson 33 – Protect Yourself When Pregnant

Would this be a bit strange for you? In fact, it is sufficient to protect yourself from infection during pregnancy to prevent transmission to the baby.
In the section, I mentioned a section about. This article will highlight ways to reduce the risk of infection during pregnancy.
What happens when you get a bacterial infection?
Bacterial infections are generally pathogens, be they bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. When these "friends" visit the body, your immune system starts to work, mobilizing "soldiers" to seek out and create antibodies. A number of tests can verify whether you have antibodies or not, if so, even if the bacteria invade again, you can be assured that these soldiers have taken care of them.
When infected, the body may have warning signs, may not. When there are warning signs, some agents can be treated with antibiotics, some cannot

Because of these ambiguities, it is better to "prevent disease than cure".

Lesson 33 - Protect Yourself When Pregnant

Simple ways to reduce the risk of infection
Get vaccinated before pregnancy
Find out the specific signs of some infectious diseases that occur in your area (to know which ones need to be examined immediately, which ones can be monitored further)
Keep body hygiene clean, wash hands often, avoid crowded places
Avoid contact with sick people
Create for yourself good habits: exercise, drink enough water, healthy nutrition ...
You read this all the time, listen to it all the time, right? I won't repeat it. Easier said than done, now difficult to implement! I only talked about myself, which is vaccination. Before reading on, please respect your views. If you do not like to be vaccinated, you are not the subject of this article

Some facts about vaccination
Before, you probably thought that only babies would need the shots.

Lesson 33 - Protect Yourself When Pregnant

In fact, young children, older children, adolescents, adults, even those who are pregnant or about to become pregnant need to be vaccinated against certain conditions, at certain times. So? Somewhere still there is a literature that the vaccine contains a poison (Thimerosal), causing autism ... Selecting information is the first step in helping a person make a decision or make a choice.
So far, here's what I know:
There is currently no reliable evidence that vaccinations containing Thimerosal (vaccine preservatives) increase the risk of any type of autism, whether boys or girls.
Vaccines have been produced in a very strict process, used for decades and have not reported any serious harm. However, like any other drug, the vaccine also presents the risk of allergic reactions.

Lesson 33 - Protect Yourself When Pregnant

Unfortunately, there is no effective way to predict this allergic reaction. Minor side effects such as mild fever, painful swelling at the injection site may go away after 2-3 days.
Vaccines are made of dead, dead or inactivated bacteria. These factors, in turn, activate the body to produce antibodies that cannot cause disease.
Vaccines and pregnancy
What type of vaccine to inject even during pregnancy: influenza, tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis
Types that can be injected even during pregnancy: Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningitis, pneumococcal (in its name, it cannot be written as "more popular")
Types not injected during pregnancy: Chickenpox, HPV, Measles - mumps - rubella
This article will continue to detail each disease! I just relax on the weekend!
There will definitely be disagreements, and I don't think we need to agree. Protect yourself, protect your child it is very narrow. The main thing is to protect each other, protect many children in the medical condition of the country far behind other countries, far away!.

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