Lesson 43 – Get Pregnant After 35 Years Old

Women have more and more late children, this can be explained by many reasons. It is easy to understand that, apart from studying, developing oneself, contributing to society, going here and there to see the world, the birth of children will be delayed a little.
In terms of medicine, if you are 35 years of age or older, pregnant for the first time, you will naturally be given a diagnosis that is truly frustrating "The child is older".
Why should be noted when pregnant late?
Because being pregnant after age 35 will put you and your baby at greater risk. During pregnancy and childbirth, the incidence of disease is greater, the risk to the baby's health is also greater than the younger age group.
How does age affect reproduction?
Fertility of women began to decline from 32 years old, after 37 years of age, the "slipping without braking". Number of eggs - egg quality (collectively called ovarian reserve), excluding age increases in drooping according to fibrous nucleus, endometriosis to "visit home". So pregnancy, childbirth is affected

In addition, chronic conditions such as high blood pressure are also a risk for pregnancy and childbirth.

Lesson 43 - Get Pregnant After 35 Years Old

For example, before 30 years of age, young and healthy, after 35 years of pregnancy is a milestone marked "gestational hypertension" immediately. Hypertension and diabetes are diseases that directly affect the placenta, the development of the fetus.
Older mothers also entail the risk of giving birth. For example, a 20-year-old mother is at risk of 1/525; 30 years old is 1/385 - 35 years old is 1/200 and 40 years old is 1/65 - that's ominous!
Older women who are performing assisted reproductive technology can wear. When multiple pregnancies increase the risk, ..

The likelihood of getting pregnant in older women is also accompanied by increased risks and complications.

Lesson 43 - Get Pregnant After 35 Years Old

If I'm pregnant when I'm older - what tests do I need to do?
In addition to regular prenatal check-ups and pregnancy tests, you need to seriously perform tests to check for birth defects and abnormalities in the fetus. Depending on the case, the doctor will give specific advice. You may hear such tests as: amniocentesis, NIPT ...
What should I do to ensure my health - my baby is healthier if I have a late pregnancy?
Pre-pregnancy health checkup (you can search for more information).
Eat well nutritious, healthy.
Take 0.

Lesson 43 - Get Pregnant After 35 Years Old

4mg of folic acid daily, at least 1 month before pregnancy and throughout pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in children.
Do exercise.
Lose weight if overweight, obese.
No smoking, drinking alcohol. Learn about hazardous chemicals in the living and working environments to limit your exposure. I also wrote the article: - It may help you.
Do not condemn, do not attribute to the "natural position" and then hurt the women have children late home. At a certain age, instincts arise, naturally they will want a child to cuddle, love, nurture, teach.

Lesson 43 - Get Pregnant After 35 Years Old

Depending on the circumstances, this instinct comes sooner or later. No one has the right to condemn or criticize women for their education and careers but to have late children, only to support them and help them.

Having a baby after 35 - Frequently asked questions - Pregnacy - For patients - ACOG.

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