Lesson 45 – Things To Know When Your Baby Has A Buttocks (babies Are Inverted)

Buttock - or what is an upside down?
In the last weeks of pregnancy, the fetus often turns its head down, so that when the mother gives birth, the baby's head goes ahead (often called the throne). In contrast, the bottom and / or lower leg, the baby's head above, is called the buttock (folk or call the opposite). At full term, the percentage of breeches somewhere around 3-4%.
Why does the baby not turn around?
The answer is "I don't like filming," but the doctor doesn't know why. The following factors may be relevant:
(more than 1 pregnancy)
The uterus has an abnormal shape or shape
Striker placenta (placenta clings in unusual position)
In the final weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will know. Then will determine by.
Can a baby have a breech birth?
Possible. Today, most breech pregnancies are often selected for proactive surgery

Both a caesarean section or a caesarean section are at risk, but for the breech presentation, there will be more complications than caesarean section, and in some cases it is impossible to give birth normally (for example, the breech - baby is too large).

Lesson 45 - Things To Know When Your Baby Has A Buttocks (babies Are Inverted)

What will the doctor do when my tummy is pregnant?
Monitoring of pregnancy continues, until the baby reaches maturity (full term). At 36-38 weeks' gestation, your doctor can advise you on ectopic pregnancy. This is a procedure to support the baby to the top, but not applicable to all cases. Not to mention some of the "scary" hearing complications that can occur when performing an external surgical rotation, such as: premature rupture of membranes, premature labor, abortion, etc. This procedure is NOT performed if you have multiple pregnancy, placenta praevia, the risk of preterm birth or vaginal bleeding. It is mandatory to perform in an area with good anesthesia, emergency caesarean section and newborn pediatrician team are always available.
Some documents recorded for mothers listening to music, exercising

Lesson 45 - Things To Know When Your Baby Has A Buttocks (babies Are Inverted)

. but not seeing practical recommendations. She listened to the dance music to make sure she turned her head ... hard.
What if my pregnancy is on the buttocks and I have a desire to give birth?
Then you should discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks of having a normal delivery in this situation. Your doctor will explain to you whether or not your wishes are fulfilled (I think this is justified).

Lesson 45 - Things To Know When Your Baby Has A Buttocks (babies Are Inverted)

The experience and skills of the Obstetrician who is watching you are extremely important for pregnancy monitoring, labor monitoring - breech delivery, you should listen.

If your baby is breech - Patient education FAQ - ACOG
Breech births - American pregnancy association.

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