Lesson 47 – Back Pain In Pregnancy

Possible causes
Stretches the back muscles
Weak abdominal muscles
The hormone during pregnancy
Among the most common causes mentioned above, stretching of the back muscles is a major cause. As the pregnancy gets bigger, your uterus gets bigger and heavier, the front of your body gets heavier, and you tend to lean forward when you walk or stand. To keep your body in balance, change your posture and stretch your back muscles. Excessive stretching causes feelings of pain, fatigue, and muscle stiffness.
Abdominal muscles also play an important role in supporting, when pregnant, abdominal muscles are stretched and possibly weaker, this change also contributes to back pain when you exercise.
In terms of hormones, to prepare for childbirth, the hormone relaxes the pelvic ligaments to make joints more flexible, and at the same time causes pain due to joint dilation.
So what do I do to reduce back pain?
Should not bend to pick up things, should spread slightly pillow, sitting slowly down, keep your back straight.
When walking, standing: wear appropriate shoes, paying special attention to the heels

Shoes that are too flat or high heels can be more painful.

Lesson 47 - Back Pain In Pregnancy

Choose heel support and slip resistance.
When sitting, lying down: can support support mattress. When sitting, place a small, soft pillow behind to lean on. When lying down, you can lie on your side, a pillow between your legs and a pillow to support the abdomen.
You can do exercises that support the back, leg and standing postures - sit properly (need a coach and if there are no abnormalities in pregnancy such as abortion miscarriage, haemorrhage) director ..

Lesson 47 - Back Pain In Pregnancy

If the area is too sore, use a local compress (warm or cold).
When do I see a backache when pregnant?
When the pain is getting worse, the pain increases or lasts for> 2 weeks with no signs of relief. Back pain can also be a sign of preterm labor or a urinary tract infection, so if your back pain is accompanied by fever, burning or vaginal bleeding, you should go to the nearest medical facility immediately for an examination and follow.

Backpain during pregnancy, Patient education - Frequently asked questions - ACOG.

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