Lesson 48 – Unexpected Pregnancy

In the world, there are countless "misses ..."
In life there are so many unwanted things, you must definitely think about "unwanted pregnancy" - because choosing and deciding is not easy.
Unintended pregnancies, maybe because of subjectivity, negligence, because there is no accurate contraceptive knowledge, and sometimes also ... do not know why (but there must be a cause)

Having called "unintended" means completely unexpected, unprepared, not ready.

Lesson 48 - Unexpected Pregnancy

And there are only 2 options, pregnancy or abortion.
Before deciding whether to keep pregnant, what should I do?
Make sure you are pregnant: if you have a home pregnancy test, you need to go to a health facility to determine your true pregnancy and gestational age. This is extremely important, especially at the present gestational age.
What do I need to consider to make a decision?
Current gestational age.
Applicable law.
Health, life, finance, work, religion, upcoming goals .

Lesson 48 - Unexpected Pregnancy

are all important.
Find a quiet place, think about what you really think, what you want of the child in your stomach. Can list the advantages and disadvantages of each decision; solutions to these difficulties in the "good - better - best" levels.
The child you are carrying is your child, and you must be the decision maker.
While I was thinking about deciding, what should I do?
Take every day, add multivitamins for pregnant mothers.
Do not arbitrarily use any medicine.
Go prenatal check up first and then everything after calculation.
If I am leaning toward child retention
You will have to think of several things:
Accommodation for mother and child, the current source of income.

Lesson 48 - Unexpected Pregnancy

Possible changes in childbirth (moving to where to live, interrupting work, schoolwork, ongoing plans).
If you already have children, consider how this extra parenting will affect the care and nurture of your current child (ren).
Who will take care of the child? Who can help you?
Raising a child, need to determine will be a lot of money (really!). Finance is a very important factor, which determines the direction you and your children live in. Arranging at the same time working and raising a child requires a lot of knowledge + skills, and these are not natural to have.
If I tilted in the direction may not hold child
Go to a qualified Health facility for examination and advice on methods of termination of pregnancy. You need to ask clearly: the pros and cons of each method; cost; execution time; catastrophic events - possible complications; how to monitor; signs of danger ..

Lesson 48 - Unexpected Pregnancy

Your life is the most important thing, can not underestimate for any reason.
The risks of pregnancy measures depend on the gestational age, the method of implementation, the knowledge and the experience of the implementer. Abortion when the fetus is larger, more complications.
All of the above - just read it, it's more important to learn effective, safe, appropriate contraceptives that are right for you. Women will suffer more than men when "in love" and "accidentally pregnant", you probably understand this.
I work in an environment full of patients expecting children, infertility, so rarely have counseling on abortion But sometimes someone asks, and at the end of the story, I often say that "if there is only one reason to keep you, that is the most beautiful reason".
Ignoring the element of Religion, I hope you read this article with an open, sympathetic, and loving thought.

Lesson 48 - Unexpected Pregnancy

Ethics is something we learn, not teach - especially when we have not fallen into adversity.

Pregnancy choices: raising the baby, adoption and abortion - ACOG
Making a decision about your unplanned pregnancy - American pregnancy association.

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