Lesson 6 – What Is Ultrasound?

This article is to guide the article "Cervical ultrasound during pregnancy", because at work, the patient was bewildered to the poor for the "low uterus so I gave birth prematurely".
Sometimes people ask, "Is it okay to have an ultrasound all the time?". But do not know if it is okay or not like to go on ultrasound.
What is ultrasound?
An ultrasound is a device (or more easily understood as a machine) that can record images inside your body. Come here only to talk about the baby in the womb of the mother, because all day see the baby only. Of course, you can see the liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines ..

in the stomach, but those don't look as good as looking at babies.

Lesson 6 - What Is Ultrasound?

The sonographer can observe: how many babies are in the womb; how baby's size, how fast or how slow his heart beats (per minute); Are the organs of the baby normal or not, it can be calculated relatively accurately when the due date of ultrasound.
Recording the image using an ultrasound that can be recorded as a video, or an image displayed on a computer, the healthcare staff will reprint this image for you.
How does ultrasound work?
Ultrasound is the high frequency sound waves that your ears cannot hear. Remember to listen, it is sound waves (ie sound - so your baby does not have blinding, no pain when doing ultrasound). This sound wave is transmitted from a device called a "transducer" that transmits sound waves through the skin and passes through the abdominal wall to capture the internal image by echoing.
Ultrasound differs from radiography in that the ultrasound is not radiated. This is the main factor to confirm the safety of ultrasound for the fetus

Why should ultrasound during pregnancy?
Because ultrasound helps us know: how many pregnancies we have, whether the baby has developed at the right gestational age (is it too small or too big for the gestational age), is there any abnormality in the face, face, hands, feet, or heart and lungs? No, is the placenta in a normal position .

Lesson 6 - What Is Ultrasound?

.. That's too helpful! And this one, is your son or daughter. However, this should only be a small question, not an important one. But sometimes, it's important, because congenital abnormalities are also true, the doctor will always investigate whether the testes are present, whether or not there are genital deformities, and confirm 100% of the sex. can not. Sometimes the external genitalia appears to be male, but the chromosome is female. Although rare, but such an example so you do not ask "100% sure not doctors, or why son son ultrasound I wonder how" easily hurt each other.

Lesson 6 - What Is Ultrasound?

These questions really need to be asked:
Does my baby develop at the right gestational age?
Does my child have any shape abnormalities? Is that serious?
Is such amniotic fluid normal?
Is the placenta unusual?
What should be prepared before going for an ultrasound?
If the ultrasound falls in the abdomen, your doctor will tell you to refrain from urinating. However, during pregnancy ultrasound, this is not absolutely necessary. Because of the fact that pregnant women will urinate many times due to the indifference of the bladder, it is okay if they urinate before ultrasound. In some special cases where a vaginal ultrasound is needed, you need to urinate beforehand, which makes it easier and more accurate and makes you more comfortable.
Normal ultrasound is sure that my baby is normal?
The answer - sadly - is uncertain. Therefore, when you are pregnant, you will be questioned and explained to perform various tests to screen for abnormalities. Ultrasound alone predicts only about 80% of defects. Causes: small defects, late presentation, or functional defects (such as deafness) cannot be diagnosed by ultrasound.

Lesson 6 - What Is Ultrasound?

Skilled workmanship - experience and a good ultrasound machine also contribute to screening. In addition, the baby's posture, thick abdominal wall, too little amniotic fluid are also hindering factors for the fetus survey. Therefore, although many abnormalities can be detected, all abnormalities cannot be detected.
Does repeated ultrasound during pregnancy cause any harm?
Fetal ultrasound has been used for more than 30 years. No data to date indicate fetal harm. "Not yet" is not synonymous with "not available", therefore, it only needs to be done when directed by a doctor for antenatal care. Restricted in the following cases:
Ultrasound is only for gender surveys.
Ultrasound is only for capturing baby's images or videos for "fun"
Ultrasound every week to see if your baby is gaining weight because mom doesn't gain weight.

Lesson 6 - What Is Ultrasound?

Without ultrasound conditions, how many times should an ultrasound be sufficient?
This question is difficult, because every gestational age, ultrasound has different values. Well, if for some reason, you can only have an ultrasound at one time, so you should choose an ultrasound at about 22-23 weeks, to evaluate the overall fetus (also called morphological ultrasound). Hopefully no one falls into this unfortunate choice, otherwise the ultrasound doctor is also sad.
In fact, there is a lot of information, but it is minimized to introduce future uterine ultrasound (not yet known when).
Last week, I read a little, if I'm pregnant, I spend time "talking" with my children, thinking about the beautiful things. Do not take the effort to see "today you have hundreds of grams already"..

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