Safe To Use Cars For Pregnant Women And Children

Today many families have personal cars, even many women drive themselves. The following article outlines some of the things that help increase the safety of pregnant and young children when using a car.
Why do I have to wear a seatbelt when riding?
Although the fetus is protected inside your body, you should wear a seat belt the entire time you ride to protect you and the fetus as much as possible. You and your unborn child have a better chance of surviving if you have your seat belt in case of an accident.
How do I buckle up when I'm pregnant?
When wearing your seat belt, you should follow the steps below
The horizontal belt of the seat belt is low below the waist, it will cross the pelvis
The seat belt cross straps should cross across the chest (between the breasts) and across the area between the collarbone
Never put a seat belt under your arm or behind your back
Stretch un-stretched seats on the seat belt
What do I need to know about car airbags?
The distance from the steering wheel to your chest bone is about 25cm
If your vehicle has an airbag "off / on" button, check to make sure the airbag is "on".
As your belly gets bigger, it's hard to create a safe distance from the steering wheel. If your vehicle can adjust the position of the steering wheel, adjust the steering wheel toward your chest bone, not towards your abdomen or head.
Why do I have to buy a baby safety seat? (child safety seat)
Car accidents cause many injuries and deaths for children

The seatbelt in the car is not suitable for the baby's small body.

Safe To Use Cars For Pregnant Women And Children

A baby safety seat reduces 71% to 82% of injury rates and 28% of car accident death rates compared to unused vehicles.
Baby safety seats prevent injuries caused by sudden stopping, changing directions or in an accident. Safety seats come into contact with the strongest parts of the baby's body, distributing the force acting on large areas to reduce impact on the baby's body, protecting the baby's brain and spine
Many countries have laws that require you to have a baby seat in your car
When should I buy a baby safety seat?
You cannot without a safety seat. Should learn and buy a safety seat before the birth of at least 3 weeks to give you and your family time to learn how to properly mount the seat on the car and learn how to fix your baby in the seat
Where should I put baby safety car seats in the car?
All baby safety seats should be placed in the back of the vehicle - never in the front. Airbags in the front seat can cause injury to children. All children under the age of 13 should be seated in the back seat.
If it is mandatory for the baby to sit in the front seat, it is necessary to turn off the airbag function in that seat

What type of safety seats are suitable for children?
Rear-facing car seat: suitable for infants up to 2 years of age or until the baby reaches the appropriate weight and height required by the manufacturer.

Safe To Use Cars For Pregnant Women And Children

Forward-facing car seat (baby facing toward the car): suitable for toddlers (12 - 36 months) and preschoolers (3-5 years)
Booster seat: when the child is older and no longer suitable for forward-facing car seat but not old enough to use the seatbelt available on the car. Usually used for children between 5 and 8 or 12 years old and height less than 140 - 150cm
Distracting things when driving?
Is what you do while driving and you have to take your hand off the wheel or take your eyes off the road
Using phone
Feed, feed, or pick up toys
To comb
Use the system to navigate or change the CD
Parents who are distracted driving are prone to car accidents. Should wait until the car stopped, text or call

The article is primarily translated from the United States Obstetrics and Gynecology patient information page.

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