Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

In modern society, children are considered the center of the family, parents embrace, protect and help children do everything without being aware that it will harm them. Do parents already know how to teach their children how to protect themselves?

Therefore, in everyday life, adults need to guide children on how to protect themselves. Self-defense is a human instinct, an important step in the development process from adolescence to adulthood. Self-protection, self-improvement.

EDUCATION ON Self-Defense Consciousness
A research result shows that 60% of child accidents happen in or around the home. In theory, home is the safest place for the child, but in reality he is not.

Stairs, voltage stabilizers, electrical stains, water ditches, storage tanks .


Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

are all potentially high-risk places. If parents educate children about self-protection skills early, many unfortunate incidents can be avoided.

In today's life, most children entering adolescence lack self-protection skills. They feel they have grown up, do not need their parents to protect them, completely able to do everything on their own. Although the body has developed almost as an adult, the child still lacks knowledge of self-protection or self-defense. The main cause leading to this phenomenon is due to the false upbringing of parents. Parents should not only protect children, but should guide children how to protect themselves

So what should adults do to help children foster self-defense, improve their ability to function independently? First of all, it is necessary to form a sense of safety for children, educate them on what to do to protect themselves, what is safe .

Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

Teach children the basics of safety
By the time children were four years old, adults were able to educate them on the basics of safety, for example, what to pay attention to when using electricity; how to use gas stove; how to comply with traffic laws; When going to school, you need to go with your friends, absolutely do not follow or eat food from strangers; pay attention to avoid injury to the body, be careful when using sharp objects capable of damage ...

Below, we introduce the safety rules children need to know:
When the child is 3 years old, it is necessary to ask the child to memorize basic contact information such as parent's name, home address, parent's phone number, home phone number….
Before going out, you need to ask the adult's permission, specify where you want to go, who to go with, what to do ..

Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

. When the adult agrees, children are allowed to go out.
Teach children that talking to strangers is extremely dangerous. If the adult is not around, absolutely not talk to strangers, do not follow strangers arbitrarily
When leaving the child alone at home, it is necessary to instruct the child to open the door, absolutely not open the door for strangers.
Absolutely do not eat or drink strangers' food, including sweets and sweets.
Do not play in secluded places. When children are young, do not let them play alone.
Teach children that only family members, doctors and nurses are allowed to touch their bodies, if strangers do so, they need to refuse and find ways to avoid them.

Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

Remind your child of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of some close relatives, neighbors or friends, so that in case something happens, they have a better chance of getting help.
Teach children how to handle an accident
In life, accidents are inevitable. When an accident occurs, instruct children not to panic, and quickly apply necessary emergency measures such as calling emergency numbers 113, 114, 115 ... When detecting a gas leak, Need to quickly lock the power, open the ventilation window, never turn on the lights or use electronic objects, avoid explosion. Adults also need to be equipped with some basic medical knowledge such as how to stop bleeding, relieve pain ..

Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

. If the child is kidnapped, it is necessary to guide the child to find a chance to escape from custody, find the police office or other Government agencies, public places are crowded to ask for help.
Teach children how to control themselves
Most children understand the knowledge about safety, but due to their mischievous nature, greedy, gluttony ... they forget the basic principles, causing damage to themselves and others. Many children, because they cannot control themselves, eat food from strangers, leading to serious consequences. Therefore, parents need to regularly pay attention to educate their children on self-control skills, instruct their children how to protect themselves from external dangers.

Teach Children How To Protect Themselves

Outward remittance:

Self-defense is a form of responsibility for one's own behavior. Self-defense skills are derived from a sense of safety, which needs to be built and fostered from an early age. Adults need to educate children about safety knowledge so that they can gradually develop self-defense skills. that way they will be safe for the rest of their lives.

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