The Basics For Infertile Couples – Infertility

Why are we having trouble getting pregnant?
The cause of not being able to get pregnant can come from a husband, wife or both.
When a couple has trouble getting pregnant, doctors often give both husband and wife tests to try to find the cause. But even a test sometimes doesn't find out why a couple can't get pregnant.
Infertility test for men
First, the doctor will ask about your health and sexual life history and order a test. The doctor will order a "seminal analysis" test. This test can check your sperm count and sperm health.
There are also other tests such as:
Blood tests - Some blood tests check for male hormone levels. Abnormal hormone levels can make a woman unable to get pregnant

and can check to see if you have a genetic condition that affects fertility.

The Basics For Infertile Couples - Infertility

Ultrasound - This imaging test shows images of the inside of the body and can check to see if the genitals are abnormal (Figure 1). For example, the "vas deferens" rule
Figure 1: Male genitalia
Urine test - A urine test can check if a sperm has moved in the wrong direction and back into the bladder instead of ejaculating from the penis.
Biopsy - A biopsy may be ordered if the test has an extremely low or zero sperm count. During the biopsy, the doctor will take a small tissue sample from inside the testicle. The tissue sample is then examined under a microscope to check for sperm.
Infertility test for women
The doctor will first ask you about your health, menstrual cycle and sex life. The doctor will order a test

You may be assigned one or more of the following tests:
Blood test - A blood test that tests the concentration of female hormones.

The Basics For Infertile Couples - Infertility

Abnormal hormone levels can cause infertility. A blood test may also be done to check for genetics because it can also cause infertility.
The ovulation test consists of various tests to check whether women ovulate or not. Ovulation is when the egg released from the ovary moves into the fallopian tube (Figure 2). It needs to happen so that a woman can become pregnant (Figure 3).
Figure 2 Female genital organs
Figure 3 Ovulation process
(To get pregnant (in the traditional way), a woman must have sex with the man at the time of ovulation (releasing an egg from the ovary). Then, the following steps must occur:
The man's sperm must swim into the vagina, into the uterus and move up the fallopian tubes.
When sperm meets an egg, at least one sperm must penetrate and enter the outer shell of the egg.

The Basics For Infertile Couples - Infertility

This process is called fertilization.
The ovule moves toward the uterus.
Embryos cling to the wall of the uterus and implant)
Uterine and fallopian tests - Fallopian and uterine problems can be a cause for pregnancy. Tests to detect these problems include:
Ultrasound, X-rays or other imaging tests - These tests show pictures inside the body. They can check for uterine malformations, fallopian tube obstruction (possibly related to a history of infection or surgery) and other problems.
Endoscopy - These tests are not as simple as imaging tests, because they are invasive procedures. The doctor can look inside the body with a small tube with a carmera attached to the head. The doctor may put a tube into the vagina, through the cervix and onto the uterus to look inside the uterus.

The Basics For Infertile Couples - Infertility

The doctor may place the tube through a small hole in the skin near the navel to look outside the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries..

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