These Exercises Effectively Reduce Round 3 At Home

As a woman, everyone wants to have three ideal rounds, so the practice to help have a beautiful and attractive body is being directed by the women. In this article we will bring you about the third round reduction exercises to bring the best toned, slim. Because this is often the place where hard fat is more concentrated than soft grease.
These exercises effectively reduce round 3
These in-depth exercises are used for both women and men but only differ in intensity. For men, you should practice with other equipment or weight to increase the good results for each exercise.
Exercise 1: Stand up - sit down
Not simply standing up to sit down, but you need to S-shaped body, the waist in the buttock should be bent when kneeling, the head is not tilted high or bent low. This exercise is very effective, the muscles of the buttocks and thighs are directly affected by this movement.
Exercise 2: Step up
You prepare a platform or a ladder about 60 cm high, not too high

Then you do a definite step up and down and change sides as quickly as possible, the other leg as far as the podium as possible.

These Exercises Effectively Reduce Round 3 At Home

This action causes stretching and high muscle tension, so before you have to do it, you must warm up first to prevent cramps.
Exercises to step up, helps reduce the third round effectively
Exercise 3: Kneel
Bring your right foot wide forward, the left leg remains in place to stand, keep your body steady, not swaying, to control the stretching movement of the right leg, keep pushing your hips forward. right foot and lower yourself until your thigh is parallel to the floor or in a comfortable position but keep your back straight.
Put all the force into your right leg, turn it upside down when tightening both butt and thigh muscles, return to the original position and do the opposite.
Exercise 4: Stretching buttock muscles
Sit with your legs straight on the floor, then tighten your buttocks and tummy, pull your knees up and place them on the other side of the other leg, squeeze your hands and pull your knees close to you for 10 to 20 seconds and then do the opposite.
Exercise 5: Exercise exercises
This action not only limits butt fat but can also make your butt firm, and also greatly affect the area of your thigh muscles. The action for the third round of accelerated reduction and opening is as follows:
+ Keeping the back close to the wall, the legs close together, lowering the body so that the floor is parallel with the thighs, so that the posture is squatting

+ Leave the back and butt in direct contact with the wall, then lift the left knee close to the chest.

These Exercises Effectively Reduce Round 3 At Home

+ Next, change legs and repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes. This is an effective way of reducing excess openness to the buttocks.
At the end of the article, we hope to help you burn fat in the butt quickly, with perseverance and practice with your scientific diet will help you get buttocks. firmer.
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