10 Things To Do If You’re Expecting A Child

Why wait forever but not get pregnant, no one can be so positive that "Never mind!". You will ask yourself, at least one of the following questions:
Why not pregnant?
Are the couple doing something wrong?
There is no infertility?
Those short questions, I think they are "heavy". Before I could answer, I summarized a few simple guidelines, opening the articles for couples looking forward to having children.
Relationship at the time of easy conception
According to statistics, to the highest conception rate, the couple intercourse 1-2 days apart. If "not able," 1-2 days before ovulation are most likely to get pregnant. Do not try to have an ultrasound on ovulation day, because when the egg is released, the probability of conception is only about 10%.
If you are overweight, lose weight
It is difficult to lose weight, but just losing 5-10% of the weight can contribute significantly to your ability to conceive, so try.
If you are too thin, gain weight
In some cases, when too thin, can affect the cycle of ovulation, or not ovulation

Maintaining a weight in addition to increasing your chances of getting pregnant increases your chances of success with supportive treatment.

10 Things To Do If You're Expecting A Child

Find more to see your ideal weight range. This has been a guide in preparation for pregnancy.
Check your and your husband's medical history
If you have had abdominal surgery, had TB, your husband has had testicular inflammation, mumps ... stop waiting. Please go to the examination and specific examination, not to waste time

Review the diet of the couple
The wife needs to eat soy foods, supplement vitamins and folic acid.

10 Things To Do If You're Expecting A Child

The husband needs a diet rich in vitamins A, C and zinc to support sperm production. Sperm production cycle nearly 3 months, so the food yesterday, today can not "promote effect". On the contrary, if you use beer or alcohol yesterday, sperm will not be drunk today.
Reduce caffeine and alcohol
It is called a lot if you drink more than 3-5 glasses (350-500mg of caffeine), alcohol does not have specific numbers. These two dishes are seriously harmful to both husband and wife, so reduce or abstain if possible to increase the chances of conception.
Stop smoking
Read the directions carefully before use
For all medications used, support products (such as vaginal lubricants) may contain spermicide, so be cautious.
Get a medical examination
Health check before pregnancy.
Infertility examination if wife <35 years old has “tried for 1 year” or after 6 months if wife> 35 years old.

10 Things To Do If You're Expecting A Child

Looking for a reputable infertility clinic..

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