What Do Babies With Fever Do? (infant Health)

What should babies do when they have a fever? This is a topic that many mothers are interested in for the first time, what should babies do when they have a mild fever. All the information a mother needs to know when a baby has a fever is summarized in this article. Refer to for helpful measures when your baby has a fever!
Why do you have a fever?
How to take care of baby with fever?
What to avoid when your baby has a fever?
Babies have a weak immune system so they are very susceptible to fever. Many 10-day-old children have a fever. Fever rates are 2 months, 4 months, 5 months or 6 months of age

. If you don't know how to handle it, only a few fevers can put a child at risk.
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1 How many degrees is called fever?
2 What should I do when a newborn has a fever?
3 What should babies eat when they have a fever?
4 What precautions should be taken when caring for a baby with a fever?
How many children is called fever?
When children have a fever, most mothers are often confused, especially the first time mothers give birth. This insecurity comes as soon as the baby's body temperature is higher than normal even though he has only a mild fever

In fact, babies have a fever of no more than 38.5 degrees Celsius, mothers do not worry because this fever can create conditions for children to fight bacterial infections.
What do babies do when they have a fever?
As soon as the baby shows a fever, mothers should find a way to reduce fever quickly by replacing them with loose, cool clothes to let the body heat up.

What Do Babies With Fever Do? (infant Health)

Keep your baby in a cool place but avoid places with strong winds.
Give children plenty of fluids because fever often causes dehydration. Also, regularly monitor your baby's body temperature with a thermometer every 4 hours.
Use a soft cloth soaked in warm water to wipe your baby, especially in the armpits and groin, because warm water is used to dilate blood vessels that help the body temperature to slowly decrease. Be careful not to apply a towel to your chest as this may increase your baby's risk of pneumonia

Infants with maternal fever should eat?
One of the best ways to reduce fever for children by folk methods that mothers can drink perilla tobacco has the effect of relaxing the skin vessels, stimulating sweating. When your baby breast-feeding contains active ingredients from perilla leaves will work to warm the body and excrete sweats to help children reduce fever quickly.
How to make the method with perilla leaves:
10 pieces perilla leaves, washed and squeezed squeezed juice to drink directly then feed your baby. Using this method and breastfeeding as much as possible will be effective when your child has a fever.
Notes to avoid when caring for a baby with a fever?
When a baby has a fever, especially for babies who are breastfed, mothers should absolutely not wear warm or wear many clothes.

What Do Babies With Fever Do? (infant Health)

Doing this will not reduce fever, but will also increase your body temperature, which will lead to a higher fever.
Do not use ice to cool your baby. This is really dangerous, when the baby's body is hot, if applied ice, the temperature will be too much difference that can cause cold burns, causing respiratory failure.
Mothers should remember not to use aspirin to reduce fever for children because it can affect the baby's brain, need to be aware when the baby has a fever.
Babies with a fever are common when the body produces antibodies against disease. Please calmly apply the measurement thermometer method to know exactly if your baby has a fever too high or just stop at "warm up" then give the most appropriate treatment direction, mothers..

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