After Birth, Women Should Abstain From What?

Despite giving birth in the summer, many women abstain from bathing during the first month after giving birth because they fear headaches and itchiness later in life or become less resistant to cold. Are these abstinences true?
How long after birth, shower, wash?
Childbirth is a hard work that makes women struggle and lose a lot of energy. After childbirth, the mother's body is sweaty, so it is necessary to bathe and clean.
In the hot summer, sweating a lot, for a long time do not take a bath, the dirtier the body, the more likely it is to become infected. Usually 3 or 4 days after giving birth, you can take a bath, so don't let it last a month.

However, how to bathe is a problem that must be paid close attention. Fast showers and showers are two basic requirements.
A quick shower is a long time not to take, from 5 to 10 minutes is just right

And bathing "flushing" means using a shower or a bucket to draw water, flushing from top to bottom, should not be bathed in tubs or pots.

After Birth, Women Should Abstain From What?

In addition, you need to bath in a private place, avoid drafts, so take a warm bath, including summer or winter, after bathing, you must wipe dry quickly.
Shampooing too, should not abstain from shampooing for a month, but must wash quickly and wipe the hair to dry quickly, preferably using a hair dryer to dry hair.
How to clean the genitals, using saline to wash the genitals after giving birth?
After birth, the uterus contracts to expel fluid. The discharge is actually a vegetable membrane, as well as the mucous and mucous membranes of the cervix and vagina.

The nature of this protein complex, which breaks down and is a favorable environment for bacteria in the woman's reproductive tract, can penetrate the female body.
Besides, the female genitalia always has hidden bacteria. For these reasons, postpartum hygiene is extremely important and necessary for women

Therefore, women should clean at least 3 times in the morning, afternoon and evening before going to bed, if more fluid should be cleaned more times.

After Birth, Women Should Abstain From What?

Cleaning facilities must be clean, preferably with cool or lukewarm boiling water.
It is not necessary to use disinfectant solution, but sanitary water must be clean. Diluted salt water should not be used for cleaning because the salt crystal will absorb water and make the female genital area always wet, creating good conditions for bacteria to grow.
Postpartum catastrophes are fluid closing and uterine atony:
Closing fluid is a fluid that cannot escape, this is common in people giving birth. Symptoms are no blood in sanitary napkins, abdominal pain, touching the abdomen feel hard, have clumps.
In contrast to the closing fluid, the fluid that does not drain is the phenomenon of fluid drain. Excessive discharge may be due to uterine atony - the uterus is an uterus that does not contract, leading to symptoms of heavy bleeding.
The second cause of excessive discharge may be uterine or vaginal tear, which is undetected or poorly stitched.

After Birth, Women Should Abstain From What?

It usually takes a few hours to change tampons, but if you have to change them continuously, on the 3rd and 4th day, the bleeding is still great, touching the lower abdomen feels soft, pressing on one shows the bleeding, the ability of the uterus is is very big.
After giving birth, women are burdened with heavy burdens, in addition, during labor, women get hungry and exhausted so they are tired.
Seeing that a woman should go to the family should monitor, if blood flow is low, blood sugar is low, the person who runs away must call a doctor.
A common mistake many people make during this period is to lie cross-legged. Many people believe that lying like this will close the vagina, but actually lying cross-legged is not good because it will prevent the discharge from escaping.
Can women watch television after giving birth?
Usually after the body is tired, the woman should rest. But after a few days after birth, if you like watching TV, you can watch TV provided that the room is well lit and quiet, avoiding noise.
The ear cushions are also used to reduce noise and prevent cold winds.

After Birth, Women Should Abstain From What?

It is not necessary for the mother to lie down for breastfeeding. Can sit while breastfeeding, when breastfeeding should hold the posture against the wall, with pillows based on the back..

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