Alcohol Antidote – Do Not Abuse

Currently on the market there are many types of "antidote", abusing this, many people go on drinking until they get drunk and then find medicine. But not everyone knows that using it is very harmful to health.
The process of metabolism and elimination of alcohol in the body like?
Alcohol is a solution composed of two main components: water and ethanol, of which ethanol accounts for 1 - 50%. Depending on the manufacturer, besides the two main components, the wine will be added with a small amount of a separate substance to bring the specific color and flavor: beer 4 - 8%, wine 8 - 12%, vokda 37 - 45%, self-cooked sticky rice 30 - 45%, wisky 40 - 50%, brandy 45% .

Alcohol when drinking into the body has a fast or slow absorption rate will depend on the stomach of the drinker or hungry, if hungry, the rate of absorption of alcohol is faster, making people quickly drunk and vice versa.
After absorption, alcohol will enter the bloodstream and disperse throughout the body's cell tissues, able to cross the placenta, found in the cerebrospinal fluid and accumulate in the brain
Alcohol elimination is passed through liver metabolism (about 90%), the rest is excreted through sweat, urine and breath.

Alcohol Antidote - Do Not Abuse

Alcohol is harmful to health
The central nervous system and the liver are the two main organs affected by alcohol when they enter the body:
CNS: Alcohol inhibits the order from the brain from the top down, the first is the cerebral cortex, the cerebellum, the spinal cord and the spinal cord. Therefore, when drinking less will feel comfortable, drinking more causes sedation, loss of inhibition, reduced ability to judge, chatter, flower eyes and fall into a state of drunkenness.
Liver: When alcohol enters the body, the liver will be converted into non-toxic substances and excreted from the body. Therefore, the liver has the ability to metabolize and detoxify alcohol.
The liver metabolizes alcohol with the help of a catalyst called NAD (nadnicotintamid - ademin - dinuclentid), but the number of catalysts is limited, only capable of metabolism from 7 -10g / hour (equivalent to about 1 a glass of beer or a small glass of wine). If you drink too much alcohol, the liver will not be able to produce enough enzymes to metabolize and detoxify alcohol, leading to the accumulation of alcohol in the body, toxic to the body, especially the liver that is directly affected. next

In the long term, it will be extremely dangerous, initially it will cause indigestion, followed by damage to liver entities, later on fatty liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis and finally lead liver cancer.

Alcohol Antidote - Do Not Abuse

to death.
Be careful with antidote alcohol
Doctors recommend, antidote alcohol, beer is not "panacea" but only as a supportive medicine. Alcohol tablets present on the market today are not actually medicines but rather a form of functional food. Main ingredients are sugar, vitamins B1, B6, PP, glutamic acid, fumaric acid, succinic acid and enzymes. It has a temporary effect, limiting the rapid conversion of alcohol into non-toxic substances such as CO2 and water.
Alcohol enters the body and invades cells and converts them into acetaldehyde, a substance that causes drunkenness and alcohol poisoning. The components in the alcohol extract help reduce the formation of acetaldehyde and eliminate it from the body due to the effects of the metabolizing enzyme Succinic acid, Fumaric acid, L-gluthamine. If you drink a lot of alcohol, these temporary alcohol capsules will not be able to neutralize the amount of alcohol and alcohol in the alcohol so the drinker is still drunk and poisoned.

Alcohol Antidote - Do Not Abuse

Do not abuse alcohol antidote
In allowed doses, preparations such as RU-21, ME-21, Mewol-21, Tylenol, Pamin, Decolgen ... can reduce headache, fever, and aches. These drugs make the user comfortable and retain the amount of alcohol and alcohol in the intestines, that is, to keep the toxins in the body and the liver can not filter toxins in time. The result is serious damage to the liver, cirrhosis and liver cancer.
Doctors also warned that regular, overdose, and alcohol will lead to an increase in liver enzymes such as AST, ALT, gamma-GT, reduce liver protection, increase the synthesis of fatty acids and triglycerides. in liver cells, causing fatty liver; hepatocellular necrosis; Gastrointestinal ulcers and death.

Alcohol Antidote - Do Not Abuse

Alcohol or beer, whether drunk or not, is a poison that can destroy most organs in the body. The two organs that suffer the most damage from alcohol are the central nervous system and the liver.
When drunk again taking more drugs will certainly cause poor chemical incompatibility. If you must drink beer, wine, drink moderately, know the stop, do not turn alcohol, beer into friends every day. Best when drunk should rest, drink some folk water or used to detoxify as lemon juice, tapioca. Kudzu has a sweet taste, helps to neutralize muscle, clear bowel movements, induces sweating, detoxification. Drunk people can detoxify by drinking water squeezed from cassava tubers add a little salt; or use tapioca flour to stir with boiling water, add some salt to drink. In addition, you can use dong juice to drink.

Alcohol Antidote - Do Not Abuse

For chronic cases, can use ventricular tea ....

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