Alveolar Dilatation – Causes, Signs And Treatment

Alveolar dilatation (or emphysema) is a permanent and irreversible dilatation lesion in the walls of the lower airways of the bronchi.
Diseases that cause pulmonary relaxation and an imbalance between elastase resolution and resistance to elastaza are the causes of alveolar dilatation.
What diseases cause alveolar dilatation?
There are many diseases that cause alveolar lesions, including some typical diseases such as:
Chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis spreads to the bronchioles and destroys and dilates alveoli, making them irreversible.
Perennial bronchial asthma: When sick, the alveoli are often stretched and difficult to recover

. Eventually, these alveoli are destroyed and cannot recover like their original condition.
Chronic bronchial asthma may cause alveoli
Pulmonary tuberculosis: This pathology causes fibrosis and alveolar stretching.
Inorganic pneumoconiosis: When this disease is present, the bronchial wall or alveoli is infiltrated, fibrous and dilated

Aging impairment: In the elderly, the lung has been active for a long time, leading to fibrosis causing alveolar dilatation.

Alveolar Dilatation - Causes, Signs And Treatment

Also due to a number of occupational diseases such as blowing a trumpet, blowing glass increases pressure inside the alveoli, causing stretching of the alveoli. Saccoidose disease: causing arterial enditis with alveolar dilatation ...
Signs of alveolar disease
Emphysema of the central lobes: there are symptoms of chronic bronchitis, with multiple episodes of bronchitis. The patient will feel short of breath when exertion, accompanied by bruising lips, chest relaxation. Typing is a symptom of emphysema

Hepatic edema, enlargement of the liver, and floating neck veins are a dangerous complication of the chronic waste heart.

Alveolar Dilatation - Causes, Signs And Treatment

During the flare-ups, when hearing the inner lung, moist, snoring, wheezing and alveolar murmurs are reduced.
Alveolar dystrophy easily causes acute respiratory distress during episodes of bronchial infections, pulmonary artery obstruction or pneumothorax due to balloon rupture. Since breathing is difficult due to illness, the patient may die about 10-20 years later. Alveolar dilatation has many symptoms that are easily confused with bronchial asthma, pulmonary cocoon, pleural effusion should be examined for an accurate diagnosis.
Alveolar stretch should be detected and treated early so that it is not harmful to the patient
Note when treating bronchiectasis
The treatment of alveolar dilatation is mainly airway circulation, for oxygenated patients. Particular attention should be paid to the treatment of complications and to treat each exacerbation of chronic bronchitis.
Patients should be used antibiotics to prevent superinfection, avoid cold, dust. In addition, regular needs to improve the body by using vitamins A, C, E and group B.

Alveolar Dilatation - Causes, Signs And Treatment

Instruct patients to exercise, qigong, abdominal breathing.
The best prevention is to prevent and treat diseases that cause alveolar dilatation as mentioned above. Not smoking is or if you're smoking, you must quit smoking immediately to prevent and reduce the progression of alveoli.
Preventing air pollution such as: spraying water against dust on urban roads; No burning plastic, plastic, rubber, charcoal stove in residential areas ...
Patients should follow doctor's instructions to minimize the number of asthma attacks; Eat enough food, get enough sleep, exercise daily to stay healthy and increase resistance..

Alveolar Dilatation - Causes, Signs And Treatment

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