Animal Shells Make Medicine

Some aquatic animals such as turtles, crabs, and cuttlefish have a special structural component called a shell that protects or strengthens the body. These parts have long been a popular medicine in traditional medicine and folklore.

Mai tortoise: The name of the drug is armor, water fishing. Mai must be processed to use it. There are two ways: soak apricot in ginger juice then back or bake gold, then soaked in dried vinegar

Or soak the apricot into ash water for one night, rinse, soak the wine and then slice, cook with water for a day and night. Water first. Add water, continue cooking to get second, third water
Combining the water, she became thick and strong armor.

Animal Shells Make Medicine

Tortoise has a salty taste, welding properties, non-toxic effect tonic, useful gas, heat, leap apple, relieve pain, menstruation, cure thin, back pain, bone pain, excessive labor, blood gas stagnation, sweating, urinating in stones, closing menstruation, malaria.
Each day drink 10-20g of powder or 6-10g of high, divided into two times. Use alone or in combination with other herbs in the following cases:
Treatment of malaria, ascites: Mai tortoise, russia, ceiling packaging, packaging, lang lang, cardamom, cardamom, oysters, semi-finished, 20g each, usually painted 40g.
All finely chopped, soaked with one liter of wine and one liter of vinegar in a day and night. Boil all the solution, dry, crispy stars, spread small, sifted flour, trained with granules made of green beans.
Every day, adults take 30-40 capsules once a day with warm water, before having an attack for about 2 hours. Children 5-10 years old take 10-20 tablets; 11 or older taking 20-30 tablets

Cure cirrhosis: tortoise shell 30g, pangolin scales 5g, chopped, sharp with 400ml water to 100ml, drink twice a day.

Animal Shells Make Medicine

Treatment of asthma, shortness of breath in young children: Completed tortoise shell, finely chopped, fine flour sieve, fresh leaves 50g, washed, pressed for solid water, each drink with 4g of apricot powder with juice.
Cure leaking acne, discharge pus, dom dom: Mai tortoise, tortoise shell, alum, equal amounts, burning properties, small canopy, sprinkle on the pain, several times a day.
Mai cuttlefish: The name of the drug is the robbery or sea adventure, has a salty taste, a slightly fishy odor, warmth, non-toxic, has hemostatic effect, analgesic, astringent, anti-ulcer, cure many diseases such as after:
Cure stomach ulcers, duodenum, heartburn, defecation of apples: Cuttlefish 20g, licorice 12g, ground pudding 6g, finely chopped, fine flour sieve. Take twice a day, 6g each time before meal about half an hour.
Or 60g squid apricot, 30g baked sample, 30g yellow star rice, royal ginseng 20g, 20g yellow star chicken gizzard, licorice 20g, borax 10g.
All pulverized, sifted flour. Take twice a day, adults 8g each time, children 5-10 years old 2g each time; over 10 years old, 4g each time.

Treatment of bloody bowel movement: Plum cuttlefish baked in gold, powdered, each drink 4-8g with water of the wood of the log.

Animal Shells Make Medicine

Used alone or in combination with other herbs.
Curing oranges, pus ulcers, watery ear infections: Cuttlefish, celandine, Qing dynasty, persimmon, Te Tan, Nguoi tu bo, Trung trung, each 12g, alum 8g, apricot blossom 4g. Each star separately, except single pink, apricot blossom, great bar, then finely chopped, mixed well. When using powdered powder on wounds, sores.
Cure nosebleeds: Plum and flower, equal amounts, half for life, half for stars. All flour spread, mix well. When used, blow powder into the nose.

Curing burns: Cuttlefish burns into charcoal, sifted fine flour, mixed with sesame oil or coconut oil into a paste, apply twice a day (only for mild burns).

Animal Shells Make Medicine

Sea shells: When using a shell to wash away broken, star-shaped properties, spread the powder with warm wine made 2-3 times a day, treat abdominal pain in women after childbirth.

To treat swelling, get 5 pieces of sea turtle shells, combine with 10g armor piercing paint, 7 female locust spikes. All gold stars, finely chopped, fine sifted flour, drank during the day with reheated wine..

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