Antibacterial Antibodies In Male Reproductive Immune

Immunity (MD) is the body's ability to recognize and remove foreign objects. In the human body, the MD response can be divided into two types of non-specific MD and specific MD.
Non-specific MD is the ability to protect itself from birth, which is inherited, because MD is nonspecific and does not require prior body contact with foreign objects.
MD-specific MD is a state in which MD is exposed to antigens and the reaction to produce specific antibodies against them, in MD, has two basic characteristics: the ability to identify and memory. antigenic effect

Anti-sperm antibody (KTKTT) is a specific sperm antibody (TT). It is of the specific MD type.
What is the formation of KTKTT?
Normally, adult imagery appears only in men and this TT is an antigen to the body
In the testes there is a blood barrier - the testes and an associated complex, the nature of the blood-testicle is the stable connection of muscle cells and the type of cell bridge connection between steroid cells.

Antibacterial Antibodies In Male Reproductive Immune

This barrier prevents TT and its degenerative products from entering the body, separating the vas deferens and blood, separating the TT and the mature TT outside the fence. Therefore, the TT matures completely from the MD system.
For some reason causing damage to the blood-testes barrier, causing TT and its degenerative products to appear in the blood will trigger the MD system to produce KTKTT.

Depending on where antibodies are located, TT may be affected in several ways. When antibodies are found on the tail, TT tends to be fixed or may be put together.
Antibodies placed on the head prevent the TT from automatically binding to the egg, thus preventing ongoing fertilization. In some cases, a woman's cervical mucus may also develop into antibodies to her husband's TT

KTKTT can affect reproduction by reducing the ability to exercise or increasing the number of inactive TT, affecting the invasion of TT through cervical mucus, altering potential and extreme reactions, Interfering with the reaction between TT and ovum.

Antibacterial Antibodies In Male Reproductive Immune

Causes of the formation of KTKTT: vasectomy, congenital or acquired vasectomy, testicular biopsy, testicular injury and genital tract infections.
Causes of infertility in men due to KTKTT happen like?
KTKTT can affect reproduction by immobilizing imagery or adhesion. During intercourse, TT will remain in the vagina without moving into the uterus to fallopian tubes or moving very little, nor the ability of TT to penetrate through the egg pellucid membrane to become zygote.
When the concentration of KTKTT in plasma of men has a high titre, the phenomenon of infertility is more evident. The infertility rate among men having KTKTT 1 - 6%.
Determining the definition of KTKTT
Mainly based on specific tests to determine KTTT is a MAR (Mixed antiglobulin reaction) test based on the mechanism of TT agglutination with sheep erythrocytes in antiserum due to the presence of IgG and IgA, IBT test (Immunobead Test) by polyacrilamids complex binding human antibodies and anti-TT antibodies.
In addition, to determine the rate and titre of antibody-bound TT in serum using the Franklin and Duckes test technique.
Tests to determine KTKTT used in the following cases: coagulation in sperm, poor movement, low number of TT, primary infertility and before connecting vas.

Antibacterial Antibodies In Male Reproductive Immune

Treatment of KTKTT
Treatment of male infertility with KTKTT by many methods such as using immunosuppressants, conceiving by injecting TT into the uterine cavity with the husband's TT, in vitro fertilization, conception by TT injection into the cytoplasm of the ovule.

Indications for treatment are usually only carried out in patients with semen samples in which more than 50% of the TT is agglomerated because of antibodies, when the test result after intercourse has a normal low number of CS.
MD inhibitors using corticosteroids can reduce antibody production and adhesion between antibodies - antigens.
In the literature there is no agreement on the dosage, treatment batch or prolonged. Therefore, the treatment of MD inhibitors in infertility in men with KTKT must be specified by a specialist. Results of conception after treatment 34%.

TT method of intrauterine injection (Intra uterine Insemination, IUI) In the effects on TT reproduction, the combination of TT and MD globulin may only inhibit one step of mucus-invading function, while egg entry persists, conception in the uterus will be necessary therapy. The procedure may use the husband TT washes TT (TT TT filter with the purpose of removing antibodies attached to the TT membrane).

Antibacterial Antibodies In Male Reproductive Immune

In vitro fertilization (IVF) method in the husband with TT combined with immunoglobulin with a 27% pregnancy result.
Today, with the first oocyte intramuscular injection (ICSI) technique to initially achieve higher fertility and fertility results, this technique is also indicated for infertile men who have acquired anti-TT antibodies. In vitro pregnancy failed.
In summary, the KTKTT in MD male reproduction can be directly identified.

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