Are Leg And Leg Cramps A Manifestation Of Worrying Disease?

Cramping, or cramping, is a normal sign because of sudden muscle contraction leading to stiffness and inactivity and painful discomfort. However, this is not a sign of any serious illness.
Cause of cramps
- Cramps due to dehydration: This is the most common cause that anyone suffers. The reason is that high intensity exercise for a long time or because a diet too poor in water and mineral salts leads to muscle spasms.
- Cramps due to low temperatures: This is the physical mechanism of nature, when it is cold, the muscle contracts shrink causing cramps, so always keep your body warm especially in the cold season

. You should note that even when adjusting the air conditioning, do not let the heat level is too low to harm the body.
- Cramps due to lack of substance and lack of exercise: Unlike excessive exercise, the body becomes tired and dehydrated causing the above cramps, muscle cramps are not exercised regularly and eating without moderation will lasting with the most thick frequency.
How to handle cramps
First, when cramps are forced to stop exercise, relax the body, especially the cramping area
Massage gently to raise the temperature (you can use an ice pack or hot oil to help stimulate blood activity, expand muscles)
If your leg cramps are slightly stretched, straighten your foot back to your knees to stretch the calf muscles.

Are Leg And Leg Cramps A Manifestation Of Worrying Disease?

If cramping in the thighs, it is imperative to have someone else support the high leg straightening and put down gentle pressure on the knee.
If cramping across the ribs we breathe gently, deeply and relax the diaphragm bundle to relax before conducting massage around the chest area.
Drinking hot sugar tea, sweetened coffee, oresol, fruit juice rich in vitamin C ... are also possible solutions to reduce pain and prevent cramps.
Preventing persistent and prolonged cramps
Always provide adequate amounts of water and nutrients necessary to prevent the body from starvation and deterioration

Hard practice, gentle exercise, warm up before heavy work
Pay attention to a balanced diet, avoid using toxic foods, stimulants .

Are Leg And Leg Cramps A Manifestation Of Worrying Disease?

Always remember that a healthy body from the inside will repel any risk of unnecessary illness..

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