Arthritis, Antibiotics – Right Or Wrong?

Antibiotics are drugs that inhibit or kill bacteria. However, in reality, not all joint pain is caused by infections. Therefore, not all cases of arthralgia use antibiotics ..

Pain - A common symptom in arthritis
In the manifestations of joint disease, joint pain is almost a common symptom, the earliest, the most uncomfortable and a sign causing people to see a doctor. Joint pain makes people unable to walk, cannot move and this is also a leading cause of insomnia in the elderly group, the group of people with joint pain as a companion.
There are many different types of joint pain
But in general, the pain in arthritis often manifests as: pain with a gradual onset, dull ache, all day, increased pain with exercise and rest is better.

Arthritis, Antibiotics - Right Or Wrong?

Pain is often accompanied by swelling, hot joints. Sometimes we even see fluid in the sore joint, the feeling of being tickled at this hurting position. Companion pain joints are also important signs. Sometimes there is only one joint pain such as knee pain, but sometimes joint pain such as knee pain is accompanied by pain in the ankles and toes.
There are many different causes of joint pain, each with a different expression and treatment. We may experience joint pain due to degeneration, a common disease in old age. Joint pain may be caused by arthritis because crystals are deposited in the joints as in gout
Sometimes joint pain is caused by traumatic injuries, fractures, cartilage rupture as in cases of falling or being hit hard.

Arthritis, Antibiotics - Right Or Wrong?

Sometimes joint pain that is not the cause at the joint such as sprains, ligament relaxation ...
Good arthritis control means that we have helped patients improve their quality of life. So antibiotics are priority drugs?
When to use antibiotics?

Antibiotic joint pain seems to be a favorite among some doctors and pharmacists in the treatment strategy for arthritis. Regardless of joint pain, how it behaves, antibiotics are a top-line medication for treatment, especially strong broad-spectrum antibiotics. There are also countless types of antibiotics, some are given orally, others are injected ..

Arthritis, Antibiotics - Right Or Wrong?

. all suggest that antibiotics can be effective.
In essence, antibiotics are drugs that inhibit the growth or kill bacteria. They in different ways alter the metabolism of bacteria, alter the structure of cells and thus change the survival time. Even in some species, they will completely destroy the bacteria.

Different antibiotics will work on different types of bacteria. Moreover, the degree of absorption of drugs into the joints depends on each drug, so the pharmacological effect is not the same. But it seems that broad-spectrum antibiotics are being abused in the treatment of these diseases.

Arthritis, Antibiotics - Right Or Wrong?

These are antibiotics of the beta-lactam line, quinolones, amynoglycosides ... However, it is important to know that antibiotics only work with specific sensitive bacteria. If antibiotics are used incorrectly or improperly, it is impossible to get rid of arthritis.
For example, if a patient with tuberculosis uses antibiotics in the quinolon group, it will be considered as "coming" to cure the disease. If antibiotics are used for non-bacterial arthritic conditions, is it used as well? Back to arthritis and arthritis problems, not all joint pain is caused by infections. It follows that antibiotics are not always used as a recommendation.

Arthritis, Antibiotics - Right Or Wrong?

In cases of pain caused by blood vessel spasm or uric crystal deposition patients, antibiotics do not make sense, but on the contrary, if bacterial joint pain without antibiotics, we never repel disease. For example, acute rheumatoid arthritis (an arthritis caused by group A hemolytic streptococci), if we do not use antibiotics to kill these bacteria, not only will the arthritis not go away, but it will cause many other complications. like in the kidneys, heart. Or in cases of necrotizing fasciitis due to torn wounds, if antibiotics are not used in time can lead to complications that have amputation ...

From the above fact, antibiotics have an important role in the treatment of arthritis but not every joint pain or disease we use. Only use antibiotics when we are really sure that the disease is caused by bacteria.

Arthritis, Antibiotics - Right Or Wrong?

Therefore, the most helpful advice for cases of joint pain and swelling is that the patient should carefully examine the doctor to determine the exact cause from which an effective treatment and medication plan is available..

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