Ascetic Cirrhosis – Is It Compensable For Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a terminal stage of liver cirrhosis. At this stage, the liver has impaired function, no longer able to recover, purify and detoxify from the body. Ascites cirrhosis is also known as decompensated cirrhosis.
What is ascites cirrhosis?
Ascites is caused by an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. Due to liver cells, fibrous liver tissue is completely unable to synthesize protein and blood, causing fluid retention, increasing pressure and reducing the permeability of capillaries

. In addition, the amount of albumin in the blood decreases, causing water and other components to enter the abdominal cavity and cause edema. At this time, the belly is becoming bigger and bigger, containing more fluid so the skin is tight, the blood vessels are prominent. Peritoneal fluid or ascites fluid contains a large amount of albumin protein, pale yellow
The greater the ascites fluid in the abdominal cavity, the more the pressure in the abdomen will cause the patient pain and discomfort.

Ascetic Cirrhosis - Is It Compensable For Cirrhosis?

Manifestations of ascites cirrhosis are usually detected only when the condition is very serious, no longer able to recover, which means the disease may progress to more severe or progress to the final stage - Liver Cancer.
Cirrhosis and normal liver
Causes of cirrhosis of ascites
The main causes of ascites cirrhosis are as follows:
The virus causes chronic hepatitis
Some viruses that cause hepatitis, such as hepatitis A, B and C viruses, can destroy liver cells, impair liver function, and cause liver cell fibrosis. Patients with hepatitis B virus, especially B and C, if not detected early, aggressive treatment will be the main cause of cirrhosis, worse than ascites, even liver cancer.
Blood infection reduces the body's immune system, affects liver function and is a long-term cause of ascites.
Drink lots of alcohol
Drinking a lot of alcohol, beer, and alcohol is a common cause of liver diseases, especially cirrhosis. According to statistics, nearly 72% of cirrhosis cases in men are related to alcohol. Alcohol and beer cause the liver to work overload to filter enthanoy, a long time to accumulate toxins that reduce liver function, causing cirrhosis

Contamination with toxic chemicals
Toxic chemicals referred to here as arsenic, arsenic .

Ascetic Cirrhosis - Is It Compensable For Cirrhosis?

.. are very dangerous chemicals for the liver if the body is infected. People with these chemicals or bile obstruction make the liver overload, impaired detoxification function in the liver, leading to cirrhosis. People with cirrhosis due to this cause if the disease progresses to ascites cirrhosis, the disease progresses very quickly, there is a risk of death.
Alcohol use, stimulants are causes of cirrhosis of the ascites
Symptoms of ascites cirrhosis
Ascites cirrhosis when detected at the end of cirrhosis In this stage, the disease was very serious, the situation was complicated in a bad way and there were obvious symptoms such as:
Internal bleeding
Internal bleeding is a common symptom of cirrhosis of the liver. According to statistics, up to 50% of patients experience this symptom when diagnosed with ascites cirrhosis. The reason is that the blood pressure in the veins in the liver's portal increases, leading to pressure in the stomach and intestinal veins, dilating, bulging, rupture, causing bleeding.

Ascetic Cirrhosis - Is It Compensable For Cirrhosis?

Internal bleeding manifests as vomiting blood or passing black stools.
Ascites - ascites
The most common symptom in cirrhotic cirrhosis is abdominal ascites - ascites, the proportion of this symptom accounted for 85%. This is the condition of the abdomen of the patient with fluid, water and other substances such as albumin, which are not discharged, but overflow into the peritoneal cavity to form ascites, making the abdomen become bigger and bigger. Blood vessels under the skin of the abdomen are raised, which causes discomfort and pain. If the amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity is too much, the doctor will order to puncture ascites fluid.
Fatigue, anorexia, nausea
One symptom that patients often confuse with other common diseases is fatigue, anorexia, nausea. Patients with cirrhosis of the ascites have abnormal weight loss symptoms, anemia, anorexia, fatigue just want to lie in one place, dull skin, poor face ..

Ascetic Cirrhosis - Is It Compensable For Cirrhosis?

. In addition, patients may experience additional symptoms of mild fever because the liver loses the function of purifying, detoxifying, reducing the body's resistance, easily being attacked by viruses and other bacteria.
Patients with ascites cirrhosis often experience symptoms of edema of the lower extremities, even worse than generalized edema. The cause is fibrous liver cells, impaired liver function, not purifying and excreting toxins out. As a result, water and fluids build up, causing the person to get swollen.
Jaundice, yellow eyes
The most noticeable symptoms with the naked eye are jaundice, yellowing of the eyes. In the stage of cirrhosis decompensation of the skin, eyes, possibly the nails, feet will turn yellow turmeric. The reason is that the liver function is gradually paralyzed, the bile duct does not work normally, leading to the accumulation of bilirubin, causing jaundice and yellow eyes.

Ascetic Cirrhosis - Is It Compensable For Cirrhosis?

Liver brain
This is the most dangerous complication of ascites cirrhosis. When the disease gets worse, the person will develop symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy, also called hepatic encephalopathy. Original.

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