Azoospermia – Sickness Can Not Be Underestimated

1. The day before I went to Hopital General Hospital, I heard a boyfriend said that he had broken Azoospermia. I wonder too, what disease is that? (Hoang Phuong).
Azoospermia is a term that refers to cases in which semen has no sperm and both sperm cells in semen and urine after ejaculation (completely different from XY without semen - called is aspermia - there).
Also known as deadlocked sperm, Azoospermia is more common than aspermia and involves about 10-15% of ejaculation cases in boys

2. Is there a variety of Azoospermia crystal tanks? And why is this disease born? (Duy Minh, HN)
Obviously there are many types, there are obstacles in the pipeline system "sperm"; There are types without sperm ie the testes do not produce or produce very few "sperms." Of which, sperms account for about 40% of Azoospermia cases
You also know the function of the XY reproductive organs is to create and store "sperm".

Azoospermia - Sickness Can Not Be Underestimated

The agency also has the task of "guiding" the "sperm" out of the body (ejaculation process). This process is also regulated by the amount of hormone in the body.

The "sperm" is formed during the maturation process from the precursor sperm cells. The sperm cells "fit" in the spermatic tubes of the two "marbles". After formation, the "sperm" will move into the crest and the "maturity" of "sperm" will complete here. The time from birth to "boy" of "sperm" lasts about 10 - 12 weeks.
When semen does not have "sperm", it does not mean that there is no semen (aspermia) but "sperm" that is stuck somewhere

This is the "consequence" of a defect in a certain duct of the vas deferens system.

Azoospermia - Sickness Can Not Be Underestimated

The main tubes responsible for "transporting" the "sperm" include: epididymis, vas deferens, vas deferens and ejaculation tubes. Just a glitch in one of these ducts is "sperm" can get "stuck" right away.
Problems in the ducts can be congenital or not. Often problems due to poisoning, leaving scars in the testes. Either the sperm is blocked because of a defect or a lack of a duct element. In addition, vasectomy during male sterilization often causes this blockage.
3. Can this dangerous disease be treated? (Le Son, DN)
People with Azoospermia disease are usually treated with a surgery.

Azoospermia - Sickness Can Not Be Underestimated

With experts can get "sperm" from the epidermis by microsurgery (MESA) or needle through the skin (PESA).
PESA is a method of sucking "sperm" from the epididymis through the skin. Doctor Hopital will use a small needle to prick the skin directly into the epididymis to suck "sperm" under a magnifying glass 300 times. The real defense lasts only about 5 - 10 minutes and the "hard master" can leave - normal normal activities immediately.
MESA is a method of sucking “sperms” from the epididymis by microsurgery. This is a technique requiring microsurgical instruments and highly qualified physicians. The surgery usually lasts 1-2 hours and the patient may leave after 1 night, even 3-6 hours.
In some cases, when the epididymis cannot be obtained, the "sperm sperm" may be removed from the testes to be artificially inseminated or may be "extracted" from the epididymis by open surgery.

Azoospermia - Sickness Can Not Be Underestimated

However, in many boys, the first surgery may not bring good results. Then, you can have the 2nd surgery to achieve better results or will be used another method.

Usually the method of extracting "sperm" by sucking "sperm" from the testes through the skin or extracting sperm by surgery at Hopital General Hospital..

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