Bleeding Outside Menstruation

Women are only used to monthly bleeding, called menstruation, which is essentially endometrial flaking due to the effects of hormones. Therefore, when you see the blood out period is often very afraid. However, most of these abnormal phenomena are due to benign pathologies.

When is bleeding abnormal?

Unusual bleeding can include things like low bleeding between two periods - often observed after urination and bloodshot on the toilet paper, or heavy bleeding during menstruation to the point of wet sanitary pads. through the first hour could have been a few hours. Every week of vaginal bleeding is also considered abnormal.
Should we be worried when we see abnormal blood?
Much depends on age and other conditions. If premenopausal, it is normal to have mild intermenstrual bleeding for a few days before menstruation

If you are starting a birth control pill, you may experience sudden bleeding during the first few months of taking the pill.

Bleeding Outside Menstruation

If you are already at menopause or after menopause and you are receiving regular replacement hormone therapy (that is, you take a daily estrogen plus a progestin taken for 10-12 days per month), you may bleed from stopping. The medicine is like a menstrual period for a few days.
If bleeding is not the same as "bleeding from stopping the drug", you should consult your doctor. Girls who have not reached puberty yet have abnormal bleeding is very concerned.

Female infants may notice vaginal bleeding for a few days without concern (due to the effects of the hormone passed from the mother), but if prolonged, they should consult a doctor. In general, if a woman sees abnormal bleeding, she needs to see a doctor.
Should I be concerned about having a hysterectomy and still bleeding?

When a total hysterectomy is still bleeding, it is most likely a vaginal disease that needs to be examined by a gynecologist.

Bleeding Outside Menstruation

Some hysterectomy is not complete, leaving the cervix should be able to bleed from the cervix or vagina.
Is unusual bleeding outside the period period a cancer?

Most cases of vaginal bleeding outside of your period are caused by benign conditions. In premenopausal women, bleeding outside of menstrual periods is usually due to fluctuations in hormones, not cancer.
In older women, especially postmenopausal women, vaginal bleeding may be due to gynecological cancer, but it may also be due to benign disease.
Some women have risk factors for developing cancer of the uterus, cervix or vagina, and should be checked by a doctor for these risk factors.

Which gynecological diseases often cause vaginal bleeding?
Vaginal bleeding may be a symptom of some of the following gynecological diseases:
- Menstrual disorders
- fluctuating hormone levels
- Vaginitis (an infection that can be cured)
- Varicose veins of the vulva (varicose veins and can be scratched)
- Tumors, polyps or fibroids of the vagina, cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes
- Cervical flap, a common disease in young women, especially women taking birth control pills, cervical tissue becomes prone to slippery, often bleeding after intercourse
- Cancer of the uterus, cervix, vagina or vulva
- Some sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea or genital warts
- Vaginal injury due to trauma or sexual abuse, early pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy

- Pregnancy complications such as stillbirth
When abnormal vaginal bleeding, what to do?

If you are sexually active or over the age of 18, you should be screened and have a Pap smear once a year.
However, if there has been normal smear results for 3 consecutive years, this survey may be sparse. If there is abnormal vaginal bleeding, tell your doctor.

Bleeding Outside Menstruation

Don't worry too much because in most cases it's benign.
However, there are 2 cases that need to see a doctor immediately: 1 hour soaked with tampons or pregnant and bleeding.
When taking oral contraceptive pills or being treated with hormone replacement therapy should follow the instructions of your doctor..

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