Blood Tree

The blood is also known as pineapple agarwood, mango tree, a misspelled tree, up to 10m high, 30cm wide, at the base of the body straight, some old woody trunks, hollow between reddish brown, branched with large leaf scars, horizontal. The leaves are blade-shaped, hard, green, sprouting, without stalks.
Falling leaves leave a scar on the body. Usually only a bunch of leaves gather on the tops. Inflorescence in clusters up to 1m in length, flowers gather in 2-4 flowers near each other.

Flowers small, diameter 7-8 mm, light yellow green. Berries are spherical, about 1 cm in diameter. When ripe red, contains 3 seeds

The sphere is spherical, 6-7 cm in diameter.

Blood Tree

Wild plants grow in rocky areas throughout the country. The part used to make medicine is the red woody stems (called hemorrhage, or masterpiece) in older trees. Tightly on drying to be used.
According to Eastern medicine, the blood has a bitter taste, calculates the effect of blood, activates blood, produces air and gas, is used to treat swollen hematoma, blow fall injury, sprain, bone pain, ... Use sharp drink or soak massage

Prescriptions that use blood:
Treatment of hematoma due to falls or rheumatic aches and pains: Hematology 15 g, for example whole leaves, flowers, roots 30g, excellent drink.

Blood Tree

Use 7-10 days. Or: Blood 20g, cinnamon 20g, 20g millennium, 20g anise, instant 20g, 40g wine wood.
The small canopy, add 500ml of alcohol 30 degrees, soak for a week, take out squeezed, remove residue. Use alcohol soaked on topical alcohol and massage the sore.
Massage alcohol makes blood circulation, eliminate inflammation, relieve pain, stretch muscles in the case of traumatic injuries, swelling: Pain 40g, top 40g, millennium 20g, instant 20g, long 15g brain; Anise 12g, cinnamon 12g.

Dispense the herbs, soak with a liter of alcohol for a week. Strain out the residue, add more wine to a liter. Gently rub the painful area.

Blood Tree

Blood tonic: Hematology 100g, nostalgic paint 100g, knotweed 100g, red silk 100g, 100g black bean burning starfish, black sesame 30g, wormwood 20g, roasted sticky rice 10g. All mixed flour mixed with honey as a member, on 10-20g use.
Blood stasis, reduce pain when sprains: Blood, cinnamon, anise, mainland, millennium, each 20g. All small canopy, soaked in 500ml of white wine for 1 week. When sprained spine poured into a small cup, take a cotton ball moistened with medicated alcohol applied to the sore, massage for 15 minutes. Day 3 times..

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