Brain Damage In Children When Shaken

The muscles of the baby's neck are still weak so it is not enough to keep the head in a stable position. Therefore, when shaking strongly, a child's brain is moved back and forth with high intensity in the skull, resulting in brain damage and other nerve structures.

Age group often suffer brain damage under this mechanism is the infant or infant, an average of 3 - 8 months; sometimes occurs in children older than 4 years. The lesions occur depending on the severity of the action such as: rupture of brain blood vessels and nerve fibers, tear brain tissue, brain suppression and cerebral hemorrhage.
Children may die due to severe brain damage or disseminated progression

. If the child survives the neurological sequelae are very heavy: may be blind; deaf; seizures, epilepsy; motor mental retardation; weakness; stupid; difficulties in learning and using languages; Lack of concentration and memory.
Manifestations of children when newly hurt
- Sleepy.
- Increased irritation

- Vomiting.

Brain Damage In Children When Shaken

- Poor feeding and swallowing
- Anorexic.
- Lack of ability to laugh and pronounce.
- Numbness.
- Convulsions.
- Shortness of breath.
- Conscious disorders.
- Irregular pupils

- Loss of head lifting ability.

Brain Damage In Children When Shaken

- Loss of ability to see or focus eyes.

Mild cases may initially be absent but lesions continue to develop, sometimes with sequelae when the child is at school age. At that time, it is difficult to recognize the abnormal manifestations of the child because the brain was previously damaged by the strong shaking.

Treatment and prevention These injuries often have severe consequences, so the treatment is extremely difficult and ineffective, mainly with rehabilitation and a special education regime for children.
These severe consequences are entirely preventable, mainly due to the awareness of parents and caregivers of the risk of brain damage when the child is shaken too hard.
We often feel stressed and upset when a baby cries, which can easily lead to violent acts such as being abducted by a child or holding a baby's shoulders vigorously. The following ways can stop crying quickly and help parents reduce discomfort:

- Swing your baby gently in your hand or in the crib. - Wrap a baby's blanket or blanket with a sense of security and warmth.

Brain Damage In Children When Shaken

- Make strange noises to get your baby's attention.
- Give your baby toys with sound.
- Sing, lullaby or talk to your baby.
- Breastfeed or bottle.
- Put the baby close to the mother and breathe slowly, gently.
If the baby is still crying a lot, we should consider: if the baby is hungry, the diaper is wet, there are signs of illness such as fever, difficulty swallowing, indigestion, abdominal pain ...

Brain Damage In Children When Shaken

If there are abnormal symptoms, should Take your baby to the doctor for examination. Parents should know how to manage their emotions, avoid child care stresses, and alert child care participants to the dangers of being shaken.
See more ways to take care of your baby here.

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