Breast Cancer Is Not Just A Woman’s

For years, when it comes to breast cancer (UTV), it is often thought that the disease is unique to women. Therefore, many people do not believe that men can get UTV.
A recent report shows that the percentage of UTV in men has increased by 26% in the past 25 years and is on the rise. In Vietnam, many people have this disease.

The disease is less concerned
UTV in men can sometimes be confused with some diseases of the mammary glands such as gynecomastia, breast abscess, metastatic lesions to the breast and other primary non-UTV tumors

But unlike UTV, diseases that make the mammary gland tend to make the breasts enlarged and symmetrical, the boundaries are not clear, the chest wall is invasive and the armpit lymph nodes are not attached.
UTV in men is more rare than in women, usually in the age of 50-60 years, 10 years later than women, but more dangerous. Because the male mammary gland does not develop, the speed of cancer cells invading the liver, lungs, and bones is very fast

In fact, UTV in men is easier to detect at an earlier stage in women.

Breast Cancer Is Not Just A Woman's

The most common symptom of a disease is a hard lump under the areola, sometimes on the outer quadrant of the breast, which is very painful to the touch.
However, with the notion that men do not and never have UTV, they are often not concerned about breast abnormalities, so never do breast screening during regular checkups.
By the time symptoms such as nipple retraction, breast ulceration, skin invasion or adhesion to the chest wall, along with axillary lymph nodes, etc., the disease has progressed to a late stage. Worse, the disease can spread to the bones, liver, brain, lungs ..

Treatment of male UTV
Treatment of UTV in men in the early stages is similar to the principles of UTV in women.

Breast Cancer Is Not Just A Woman's

Include the following methods:
Surgery: is the treatment when the tumor is small, while the localized area with the procedure is the mastectomy, which does not regenerate or preserve the breast. This is completely different from UTV in the early stages of women, because men have very few mammary gland tissue and the tumor is usually located in the center.
Radiation therapy: For UTV in women who have had lymph node metastases, radiotherapy after surgery into the chest wall brings vital benefits. In fact, radiotherapy is essential for male patients because the frequency of nipple and skin invasion in men is very high, especially for men with more than four metastatic axillary lymph nodes, or tumors. far in place.
Chemotherapy: In UTV in women, there are a lot of statistical data showing the benefits and improvement of treatment results.
Radiation therapy or supportive chemotherapy after surgery may last for 1 to 9 months depending on the degree of invasive disease. Hormonal drugs also work well in some cases.

Breast Cancer Is Not Just A Woman's

UTV in men has a progression and has a much worse prognosis than UTV in women. Overall survival rates were lower in elderly patients and in advanced disease.
Age of infection, stage of disease at the time of diagnosis, and lymph node metastasis are important prognostic factors.
Most have no clear risk factors. Some hormonal cases, a history of testes in the testes, a family history of people with UTV, had been treated with radiation to the chest earlier or in the past due to radioactive accidents.
In addition, smokers, obesity, diabetes, alcohol abuse ...

Breast Cancer Is Not Just A Woman's

also have a higher risk of disease. Therefore, a reasonable lifestyle, moderation along with regular health checkups for men in UTV is the key to help screen and detect disease at an early stage..

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