Breast Pain – Women’s Troubles

The most common breast symptom is pain, often called breast tenderness (DV), which is a major problem for most women.
The pain is usually mild but in some cases the pain is worse and can affect quality of life. Common treatment options are painkillers and find out the cause for the most effective solution.
The unit is classified into three main groups: cyclical pain (pain related to the menstrual cycle), non-cyclic pain and pain originating outside the breast. What are the cyclic symptoms?
Most women feel mild pain, which can be considered normal

. Some people experience breast discomfort for a few days before menstruation.
However, pain may be severe or last up to 1-2 weeks before menstruation. The pain usually subsides shortly after menstruation

Levels often vary from month to month.

Breast Pain - Women's Troubles

Usually, the pain affects both breasts. The sore area is much in the upper and outer part of the breast, and may spread to the inner part of the upper arm.
Causes unit in cycles
Due to the hormonal change. According to GS. Ayres, postpartum women had lower progesterone / estrogen ratios than non-unit women that occurred in the second half of the menstrual cycle.
The consequences of stress affect the menstrual cycle, cause menstrual disorders, and may cause periods, periods or periods.
Unit can be found in early pregnancy due to the proliferation and development of mammary glands, feeling pain and erection

Treatment for women in cycles.

Breast Pain - Women's Troubles

No treatment is needed if symptoms are mild. Many women are relieved because they know that cyclic disease is not a symptom of breast cancer or a minor disease.
Just reduce stress, relax, a low-fat diet, coffee, alcohol and chocolate. Use a good bra to help relieve pain. Take vitamins B6 and viatmin E.
Common painkillers can be used: paracetamol, or nonsteroidal pain relievers such as ibuprofen, diclofenac.
For women over 35 need to have a mammogram, to eliminate cancer-causing unit. Women over the age of 20 who do not want a baby yet, can take birth control pills every day also helps reduce unit.

Breast Pain - Women's Troubles

In case of severe pain, the solution uses drugs such as danazol, tamoxifen, bromocriptine to prevent female hormones.
Unit is not cyclical
Less common than periodic pain and there are also many differences. Units can be present at any time, or come and go randomly.
This type of unit is not related to time. Can locate pain area in breast. Sometimes pain is felt in one or both breasts.
Cause unit does not cyclic meet the following causes:
- Injury to the breast, a good blow due to impact on the breast clearly causes pain.
- A large cyst that compresses breast tissue will cause local pain or tenderness.

Breast Pain - Women's Troubles

- Infections of the breast, red swollen breasts, discharge nipples, common during lactation due to obstruction of the mammary gland or breast abscess.

Treatment of non-cyclic units: the best treatment according to the cause of the unit and common analgesics. Anti-inflammatory drugs with pain relief such as diclophenac or meloxicam used in breast trauma.
Treatment of aspiration or cyst aspiration in enlarged cysts. Breastfeeding women with breast infections need antibiotics and breast pump to avoid infection.
Pain originating outside the breast
This third type is not really a form of DVA, although a woman feels similar to the unit, usually has pain in the middle of the chest and does not change according to the menstrual cycle, most commonly the pain in the breastbone, when pressed into the bone. The breast that connects the ribs feels much pain often due to rib cartilage.
Pain is not from the breast but by arthritis in the neck vertebra that spreads to the breast.

Breast Pain - Women's Troubles

Inflammation of the intercostal neuralgia causes ĐV. Shingles, caused by the herpes zoster virus, is located in the chest, which also causes severe attacks.
Treating unit originating from outside the breast needs to understand clearly the causes, in addition to analgesics, specific-use drugs.
ĐV and breast cancer
Unit is not an early symptom of breast cancer. Even if chest pain is accompanied by a breast lump, it is more likely to be benign than malignant. However, it is related to pain requiring medical attention and special attention should be paid to any of the following:
- A small lump in the breast or under your arm is not painful.
- Has discharge from a lump or nipple
- Family history of having a mother or sister with breast cancer.
- Signs of swelling and redness in the breast that are not related to the nursing baby.

Breast Pain - Women's Troubles

It is the sadness of most women. In fact, this pain often occurs in cycles that affect quality of life.
It is important to see a doctor and get advice from a therapist to help find the cause for a good treatment plan..

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