Breathing Skills When Passing Through

Everyone knows that proper breathing and labor will make labor faster, women will be less tired and less painful. But how to breathe and push to be right and effective? Here we would like to introduce to you the right ways to breathe for different stages of childbirth.
Exercise 1: Slow chest breathing
When the cervix is opened 2-6 cm, the contraction takes place in about 20-25 seconds, the frequency is sparse, the distance between contractions is long (about 4-5 minutes appear one), breathe slowly chest to keep my strength and get more oxygen for me and my baby.
How to proceed: Start the contraction, take a deep breath of air through the nose to the bottom of your lungs and exhale through your mouth to remove the carbon dioxide. If done correctly, you will breathe about 9-11 times / minute

Exercise 2: shallow chest breathing
When the cervix opens 6-8 cm, the contractions are now faster, stronger and longer (40-50 seconds / session), the interval between attacks is about 3 minutes / time. At this point, the pain increases, if you cannot sit, you can stand.
• When pain begins, take a deep breath through your nose and then exhale through your mouth

• After taking a short breath through your mouth, the breath rate gradually increases with increasing pain.

Breathing Skills When Passing Through

• When the pain peaks, breathing fast, quickly, one after another.
• When the pain subsides, switch to short-lived breath.
• Out of pain, take a deep breath and blow out and balance the air.
(How to balance the air: hold your hands together and put along the front of your mouth to blow and breathe air in your hand).
When practicing this type of breathing you will feel a bit tired, dizzy but this is a normal physiological phenomenon, no need to worry.
Exercise 3: Shortness of breath - fast - shallow
When the cervix is open from 8 to 10 cm, the head of the fetus drops, pinches the bladder, and the rectum should feel the mother's first feeling of pushing. The pain is intense, very strong (2-3 minutes / episode), contraction lasts 50-55 seconds

At this time, the more calm you have to breathe, the less likely you will be to push your baby through the straining.

Breathing Skills When Passing Through

How to proceed: When the contraction begins, take 3 breaths with a short breath, then exhale strongly on the fourth breath. Repeat 4 times, 5th inhalation, blowing out slowly. Then balance the air.
Note: When doing the 3 exercises above, you need to apply the position of the pregnant woman's resting position: The legs are circleed in front of you, neither foot is pressed against any leg, the head, the back is straight, the shoulders are straight, the hands are Place it gently on the pillow.
Exercise 4: Breathing while pushing
Sitting on the floor, legs folded in an inverted V-shape, feet wide apart, hands running through the outside of the thighs and hugging the thighs.
When the doctor tells you it's time and ask to push, take a long, deep breath, hold your breath in your mouth, and repeat it slowly in your head for 1 to 7, and bring the breath down to the birth canal.
Attention when pushing labor:
1. The chin must press against the chest to put air downwards, making it easier to push the fetus out.

Breathing Skills When Passing Through

2. Do not scream and shout to lose strength and lack of air for both mother and child. Follow the doctor's instructions exactly.
Wishing you a successful escape!.

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