Caring For “private Areas” For Babies

If you have children, you will find the care, body hygiene for children quite complicated. Those who are lucky enough to have "sticky and tedious" even more confused before that.
However, the most striking difference is the hygiene of the baby's genitals. Genital organs of boys and girls are both susceptible to urinary tract infections.
In boys, it is due to a narrow or long foreskin, while in girls it is because the genitals are relatively exposed and susceptible to moisture


Therefore, the care for this organ in two young subjects is completely different. Depending on the age and physical characteristics of children, mothers need to pay attention to the most appropriate care but must follow the principle of 'dry' and 'clean'.
For boys
More than two-thirds of babies born at birth have a Foreskin narrowing

The larger the percentage, the lower the number, which means that some children will recover on their own, without medical intervention.

Caring For

To diagnose the foreskin stenosis, use your hand to smooth the soft tip of the penis up toward the abdomen. If you see a "glare" glans penis on the penis tip, it means that your baby does not have a foreskin narrowing.
An excess of foreskin or long foreskin often causes stagnation of urine in the bladder, leading to frequent urination, urinary incontinence or urine staining at the tip of the penis, making it more likely Red and painful infections.
To solve this problem, every time your child finishes urination, you both use your hands to remove the foreskin, and dilate the foreskin to dilate to expel the remaining urine. Finally, use a paper towel or cloth to pat the baby's penis dry.
For girls
Girls require careful care right from birth. Some babies, which are passed on by their mother's hormones, may bleed a little at the lower genitalia (vulva or also called the door) or have a white plaque

You should use cotton balls and warm water gently wipe for children and blot dry with cotton cloth before wearing diapers for babies.

Caring For

Once girls urinate, wash or wipe their genitals with clean water. Never forget to blot this part dry.
If there is no condition to wash, just pat your baby dry. Never wash and wear a diaper immediately, as it will cause prolonged wetness in the genital area, which can lead to fungal infections and other infections.
Some parents are too careful, using feminine hygiene solutions or dilute saline to wash and disinfect their child's vulva. This is not advisable, except for medical conditions prescribed by a physician.
General notes: Girls and boys alike need to wear diapers or pants to keep their genital area clean and dry.
If you observe the skin here, redness, discharge, pain when touched or the child shows signs of abnormal urination, crying when urinating, cloudy, urinating .

Caring For

.. you need to take your child to the doctor to be Diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
Do not buy disinfectant or antifungal creams to apply to your baby, as this can make the infection worse..

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