Causes Of Tooth Decay And Prevention

The consequences of tooth decay are lead to pulpitis, pulp death, inflammation around the peduncle, abscess around the cavity, tooth decay can break teeth, tooth decay reduces aesthetics, causing bad breath affecting communication.
Cavities are lesions in the hard organization of teeth that form holes in the tooth surface. Tooth decay can occur on the surface of the crown or root, the damage to the crown begins with the enamel, while the lesion on the root begins with the enamel or the dentin.
Tooth decay caused by?
The cause of tooth decay is due to bacteria available in the mouth, mainly Streptococcus Mutans, when food is stuck on the surface of the teeth, especially sugar and starch, the bacteria will decompose food to create acid that corrode tooth enamel. forming a deep hole

Bacteria, acids, food humus on the tooth surface will form a sticky film called dental plaque, this film is very sticky and is present in all tooth surfaces, especially molars, dental plaque not only causes decay teeth but also cause gingivitis and inflammation around the teeth.
The plaque is gradually mineralized by the minerals in saliva and food that form tartar.
After the enamel is eroded into a hole, the more bacteria and food are able to attach, the more acid is created, the harder the organization (enamel and dentin) will be, the deeper the hole will expand and toward the pulp

People with gums and tooth root loss, the dental plaque will stick up and start the process of decomposing food to create acid on the surface of the tooth neck and root, the hard tissue of the tooth is eroded to form a deep hole.

Causes Of Tooth Decay And Prevention

Vietnamese people in general have a habit of using a hard and horizontal brush, so they often wear tooth neck and root, revealing dentin, and exposed dentin is very vulnerable to decay.
Incorrect brushing habits lead to tooth decay
How to detect decay?
Tooth decay will be sensitive when hot, cold, sour sweet stimulation, when the cavity close to the pulp, the pulp will be inflamed, the patient suffers from intermittent toothache.
To detect tooth decay, everyone needs to have regular dental checkups every 6 months to check for tooth decay and treat it promptly.
Cavities located on the chewing surface, the outer and inner surface of the teeth are easy to detect during clinical examination, the deep holes in the junction of two teeth are more difficult to detect, in many cases X-rays are needed for diagnosis, patients. Can shoot apical or panorama film.
Treatment and prevention of tooth decay
The cavities of permanent teeth need to be cleaned of dentin and filled with amalgam, composite, glassionomer cement, milk teeth can be filled with glassionomer cement, porcelain cement and phosphate cement.
Large cavities can be recovered with metal or porcelain inlay or onlay, large broken teeth should be covered with metal or porcelain covers

Teeth with marrow lesions need to be treated and then restored.

Causes Of Tooth Decay And Prevention

If the teeth are properly treated, they can be used as normal teeth.
Brushing and rinsing your mouth is a way to keep your breath fresh and prevent tooth decay
To prevent tooth decay, everyone needs to:
Must brush after every meal or at least once a day after dinner;
Avoid snacking especially snacking on sweets;
Brushing properly is important to clean the teeth completely, so brush the brush tilted on the outside (or inside) at a 45-degree angle, brushing toward the chewing or biting edge, combing each group of teeth. When clean, for the chewing surface is more simple, just place the brush perpendicular to the tooth surface and pull back and forth./..

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