Chicken – A Versatile Tonic

Chicken is very diverse in types such as chicken curry, chicken pull, chicken evil, game. Many parts of the chicken are traditionally used in medicine and medicine such as chicken (millet, egg eggs (death), chicken bile (sure)), chicken gizzard (inner needle or millet), chicken bones (millet), chicken feet (millet), chicken liver (millet) .This article only limits the cure for chicken.
According to Oriental medicine, chicken is sweet, warm and has a moderate effect of helping gas and tonic marrow. Often used for thin cases of weight loss, exhaustion, indigestion, poor appetite, diarrhea, dysentery, edema, urination, diuresis, white blood, low postpartum milk production, diabetes

Some dishes - all medicine from chicken:

Ginseng stewed chicken: 1 chicken sausage; ginseng, dong quai, salt, each of them are 15g. Chicken cleaned, boiled, boned, ginseng, dong quai and salt are cooked in the stew. Eat it all in a few times

Used for people with hepatitis; postpartum abortion, postpartum women.

Chicken - A Versatile Tonic

Ginseng stewed chicken with pepper: 1 chicken, 10 ginseng, 10g small urine, 6g pepper. Chicken cleansed, put the herbs with a little alcohol, sugar, oil, fish sauce, spices into the stomach of the chicken to tie, add water, stew water, eat when hungry. For patients with abdominal pain, flatulence, fatigue.
Stewed chicken with cardamom, turmeric, pepper, tangerine peel: 1 rooster, cardamom 2 fruits, turmeric powder 3g (or fresh turmeric), 6g pepper, 3g tangerine peel, add onions, vinegar, fish sauce and quantity Appropriate water, cooked, eaten when hungry. Used for cases of body weakness, indigestion.

Steamed chicken with royal period: 1 female chicken rolls, 60-year-old royal chicken. Chicken cleaned, put in a steamer with royal wonders, add ginger, onions, salt, spices, stew for 3 hours

Used for cases of stomach prolapse, renal prolapse, rectal prolapse, prolapse of the uterus.

Chicken - A Versatile Tonic

Wine cellar rooster: 1 chicken rooster cleaned, put wine into cooked stew. Used for cases of kidney damage tinnitus dizziness.
Yellow-bellied king-mandarin: 1 female hen (white male mandala), white rice (half-fat white) and pan-fried with a suitable amount. Chicken cleansed intestines, put rice and juniper into the chicken belly sewn, add water, spices, cooked to eat. Used for cases of wasting weakness, blood damage after childbirth.

Galangal chicken: rooster 1 chicken; galangal, cardamom every 6g; bare, pepper each 3g. Chickens clean chicken tightly, medicinal herbs put into a bucket of cloth, add water, onions, vinegar, spices, simmer for nine to be cooked, divide and eat several times. Used for cases of asthenia, poor digestion, abdominal pain.

Chicken - A Versatile Tonic

Chickpeas stewed with chickens and chickens: yellow feather curry chicken (royal lumber) 1 chick, 30g small chickpeas, cardamom 3g. Chicken cleaned, all put into the pot, add water, salt, fish sauce, fresh ginger, raw onions; Bring heat to a boil, simmer until cooked, divide to eat several times. Use for cases of macular degeneration causing facial and limb edema.
Mixed chicken: rooster (royal hero millet) 150g, wheat flour 210g, onion 15g, pepper powder, ginger, other spices with appropriate dosages. Chicken with onions, pepper, ginger and other spices mixed into ready to make filling.
Wheat flour, kneaded, mixed into water. Making a cake filled with chicken and spices, boiled or steamed, make a main meal, eat once hungry, once a day for 5 - 10 days. Used for elderly, emaciated, weak, dry skin.

Chicken - A Versatile Tonic

Note: People with atopic and sensitive conditions such as rheumatism, rheumatism easily react to rash, rash, shortness of breath when eating chicken skin, chicken liver; when making braised chicken, stewed chicken, add crushed or sliced fresh ginger to spice and desensitize according to folk experience..

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