Coconut Water Treatment Many Diseases

Coconut water also known as water dragon, scientific name: Jussiaea repens oenotheracene, coolness, laxative effect of heat regression, inflammation.
Used to treat fever, cystitis, edema, urinary retention, cloudy urine, low heat, itch, rash, pimples, depression, gallstones, urinary stones ...

Coconut water can be used fresh or dried in the form of decoction


- Dose: 40 - 60g / day (fresh type), 15- 20g / day (dry type).
- Processing method: In June and July of the lunar calendar, collect the roots and roots, wash the mud and allow to dry, then tighten 1.5 - 3cm, continue to dry until dry, close

Pack carefully for gradual use.

Coconut Water Treatment Many Diseases

But if there is a large amount, after drying, it is necessary to copy over long-term preservation.
Some effects from nipa palm vegetables:
In the breast there are aching lumps, body fatigue, weight loss: Fresh coconut water 40g, 40g dandelion leaves. Two things smashed into the breast, tape. Heat effect, anti-inflammatory, breaking results (melting stone island).
Wound soft, long unbroken: Coconut water (use young tops) 40g, figs (use young leaves) 40g. Two things crushed, covered in bandage wound.
Urinating, urinating, red urine: Coconut water, psyllium, squid grass, clove leaves every 50g, cook drinking water during the day
Effect: anti-inflammatory heat, diuretic.

Coconut Water Treatment Many Diseases

Only a few times are effective.
Pain in the kidney pit, eyelids collapse, limb edema, little urine: Coconut water (dry) 20g, white basil 16g, 12g money away, white 12g, wormwood 16g, khong 6g, cinnamon 8g, bales 10g , bare packaging 12g. Day 1 ladder, 3 times excellent, drink 3 times.
Yellow-yellow skin, right upper quadrant pain, slow digestion, normal apple stools, due to stagnation: Coconut water (fresh) 30g, woven 10g, 10g limb, 10g tuber, 10g mortar, lower Intercontinental 10g, 12g regulation, 12g royal jelly, needle 10g, 12g cross frame, 12g sample benefits. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Itchy skin, hot weather: Coconut water (fresh) 30g, squid grass (fresh) 24g, 12g king marjoram, marjoram 12g, 10g black ginseng, 10g flower buds, 10g inter-country, 12g lake.
On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times. This case should abstain: dog meat, shrimp paste, shrimp, crabs, snails, silver carp, because these things are easy to cause allergies.

Coconut Water Treatment Many Diseases

Cloudy urine such as rice water, due to kidney damage, kidney function disorders: Fresh water coconut vegetables 80 -100g cooked drinking water during the day, use continuously for 10-15 days.
Or coconut water (dried) 20g, 12g nostalgic paint, paint enemy 10g, 10g knitting, 12g treachery, field 12g, 10g spirit, starting 12g, impaired 12g, weighted 10g, sea bean 12g, vegetables cheek 20g, nail 16g, licorice soil 16g, bare skin 10g. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Treatment of urinary stones: Coconut water (dried) 20g, money money 16g, 16g sample utility, horse tip 12g, 16g steering wheel, 16g draft code, 16g virgin, 16g mill, 16g bamboo leaf. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times. 7 - 10 days is 1 course..

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