Colostrum – Yellow Food For Newborn Babies

Gold is an extremely rare and precious material, it has been honored by people as a symbol of what is most noble, the most quintessential such as gold medals, gold hearts, golden voices ... and in the food to feed. Human milk is compared to a colostrum food for newborn babies

Why colostrum so precious?
Colostrum is a sticky, yellow liquid. It is secreted in the first 3-5 days after birth. The amount of colostrum secreted varies from person to person, usually between 10-100ml / day and an average of 30ml / day
This secretion increases gradually and reaches the composition of normal milk after a few days.

Colostrum - Yellow Food For Newborn Babies

Colostrum is a food with a small volume and high density. It contains less lactose, fat (2g / 100ml) and water-soluble vitamins than normal milk (mature milk) but more protein and fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin A (twice as high as chief milk into), vitamin E and vitamin K. In addition, it also has some minerals like Fe, Zn ...
In colostrum there is a high concentration of immune cells, including the soluble component including immunoglobulin (IgA-IgM-IgG) lysozyme and other enzymes, lactoferin and other cellular components including lymphocytes, Neutrophilic granulocytes and epithelial cells; These cells can phagocide and kill bacteria, but they can also modulate a newborn's immune system by producing cytokines, soluble immune mediators that can stimulate cells. Infant immune cells such as TGF-beta may reduce intestinal inflammation, reduce allergies, and stimulate intestinal IgA production

Secretory IgA (SIgA) is the most important, it is present at the first day postpartum, about 6.

Colostrum - Yellow Food For Newborn Babies

03 plus minus 2.3g / l but decreases very quickly on the third day postpartum to only about 1.42 plus minus 0 , 84g / l.
This unique form of IgA is made up of two IgA molecules linked to the secretory component, which is resistant to proteolytic resistance and therefore may remain active in the gastrointestinal tract.
It has been shown that maternal immunity can be passed to infants through a mechanism called gut-breast transfer.
With this mechanism, antibodies against the pathogen that the person has been exposed to are transferred into breast milk, providing protection against infection for the baby.
Complex carbohydrate oligosaccharides with complex structures are important for defense against infection by acting as structural “lures”, thereby preventing the pathogen's adhesion to similar structures. self on the surface of the intestinal epithelium.

Colostrum - Yellow Food For Newborn Babies

They can also act as substrates for beneficial microorganisms.
Colostrum also contains a lot of ganglioside, a group of glycosphingolipids important for brain development, they not only provide building materials for early brain development but also act as target receptors for bacteria to stick to. and affects intestinal immune system.
Iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn) essential micronutrients that are important for infants, are high in colostrum.
Several studies show that Fe and Zn are well absorbed from breast milk and that the use of these elements helps infants preserve their reserves at a time when they often start to run out.
Colostrum - Prescription of nature
Colostrum fulfills the specific needs of newborn infants such as premature babies' kidneys, unable to process large amounts of fluids without causing metabolic stress, lactase production and Other intestinal enzymes have just begun, antioxidants are all needed for protection against oxidative damage and hemorrhage.
The immmoglobulin encloses the immature gut wall, preventing the entry of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens, and growth factors that stimulate the child's own systems. young.

Colostrum - Yellow Food For Newborn Babies

Colostrum serves as a modulating agent for the development of babies. If the water or foreign substances such as honey, formula are put into the child's gastrointestinal system, it will not guarantee the adaptability of the newborn..

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