Confident With A Bare Face

Even the girls "addicted" to make-up, the hot summer also makes them afraid to touch makeup. But how to say goodbye to "props" while still being confident with a radiant face? If you take care of your skin properly, this dream is not hard to achieve!
Beautiful skin thanks to the balance
When you see oily skin, you often zealously do things in an effort to release obnoxious oil. The result is that your face feels tight and dry. This "drastic" approach is very harmful to the skin, making the skin dry and weak, more prone to irritation. On the other hand, excessive cleansing stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more

. In fact, the skin naturally acts as a barrier, preventing dirt.
When you wash your face too many times a day, you harm your skin without reducing oil production. Should keep the skin a little oil to help skin healthy and moisture balance

Choose a non-caustic, oil-free cleanser, wash away all dirt, makeup and oil on your face, and do not dry your skin.

Confident With A Bare Face

The key here is balance. Your skin needs to feel soft and smooth through proper moisturizing.
Common mistakes when washing your face
- The more expensive the cleanser is, the better: Facial cleanser works to clean the skin, so when choosing a cleanser, you must pay attention to the ingredients and instructions for use on the packaging, especially paying attention to cleanser What skin type do you choose? Depending on the type of skin, the cleanser will have the effect of cleansing and skin care respectively. So if you choose expensive milk that doesn't match the structure and skin type, not only will it not work, it will make the skin more vulnerable.
- Use a washcloth to rub, the skin will be cleaner: The towel will only absorb water after you have washed your face with milk, not your face. In contrast, towels are also where there is a high risk of bacteria accumulation. If you do not wash and change towels often, this could be a reservoir for skin disease

- Just makeup remover with facial cleanser is enough: For women who regularly makeup, cleaning the skin must be divided into 2 steps: makeup remover and face wash.

Confident With A Bare Face

New professional makeup removers can remove all the makeup on your skin, eyes and lips, and then you can use your cleanser to remove any remaining dirt in your pores.
- Wipe off the cosmetic layer with a paper towel and then wash your face: This will hurt the skin. You should use specialized makeup remover cosmetics, if using paper towels, pulp will cling to the skin, making your skin dirty even more dirty.
- Let your face dry naturally after washing your face: If you do it this way, your skin will lose water faster. So, after cleaning the skin, use a clean, dry cotton towel, then use moisturizing rose water to apply lotion.
Some expressions when washing your face incorrectly
You should also note a few skin manifestations when washing your face too much to temporarily stop using the cleanser or consult an expert:
- Rashes caused by chemicals in cleaning products penetrate and damage the skin.
- Acne develops more. Washing your face more than 2 times a day promotes oil secretion on the skin, so the oily glands must work harder to keep moist naturally.

Confident With A Bare Face

This inadvertently increases the likelihood of developing acne.
- Seborrheic inflammation: redness on the face and neck is a sign that you have scrubbed too much..

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