Congenital Heart Disease And Children’s Health

The disease may be a consequence of toxic environmental factors affecting the mother during pregnancy, such as: radiation, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, metabolic diseases ... In addition, causes disease can also be affected by family factors, genetics, chromosomal abnormalities.
Signs identify children with disease
If parents find the child has the following strange symptoms, parents should take the child to see if it is due to cardiovascular disease or any other reason:
Babies who are coughing or wheezing often, have unusual breathing (rapid breathing, chest throbbing when inhaled), often have pneumonia; children have pale, cold, sweaty skin

. Babies have purple lips, fingers, toes, increase when crying, pushing, sucking ..
; Babies suck or eat poorly, gain weight slowly, do not even gain or lose weight.

Congenital Heart Disease And Children's Health

Children are slower than normal children (teething, slow to turn over, crawling ...) In some cases, children with congenital heart disease do not show anything, due to a severe malformation, just accidentally is currently present at a medical examination or for a different reason.
When parents know that their child has congenital heart disease, parents need to ask a cardiologist about all matters of concern to guide proper management, such as trait characteristics, disease progression, ways of treating treatment; If surgery is the best time; how to take care of children at home ..

Treatment depends on the level of malformations
Children with congenital heart disease, if detected early and treated properly, can help them develop as children of the same age and integrate well into society.

Congenital Heart Disease And Children's Health

About 1 in every 100 babies is born with a congenital heart defect.
Fortunately, about one-third of minor malformations do not require treatment. There are a number of heart wall defects that occur when the baby is born but will go away later, such as atrial septal defect, small ventricular septal defect that tends to close easily and often closes in the first two years of the baby. In the above cases, parents need to have their children re-examined as scheduled to be monitored for injury and timely intervention when necessary.
Severe congenital heart disease is usually diagnosed at birth. For children with mild heart defects, symptoms gradually appear as the child grows up. Progressive illness can cause children to experience symptoms such as fatigue, fainting, developmental delay, malnutrition, recurrent pneumonia, heart failure, death, etc.
With these malformations, medication treatment only reduces the symptoms, not the lesions.

Congenital Heart Disease And Children's Health

Currently, the heart surgery industry is very developed, most congenital heart diseases are completely cured by surgery. Some diseases have complex lesions that cannot be completely repaired, and can be treated surgically to improve symptoms and improve the quality of life.
Prevention from pregnancy
To prevent congenital heart disease for children, mothers need to pay attention to health issues before and during pregnancy: improving the living environment, avoiding pollution; avoid physical, chemical, toxic agents, sedatives, hormones, alcohol, cigarettes ...
Vaccinate or avoid contact with pathogens caused by viruses such as Rubella, mumps, Herpes, Cytomegalovirus, Coxsaskie B ...

Congenital Heart Disease And Children's Health

If the mother has metabolic diseases such as diabetes, spreading red lupus ... Soon.
Children need good care
Thoughtful child care, keep children warm, hygienic, feeding in moderation, quality. Do not allow children to exercise or play too much, avoid children to exertion and do hard work.
Children need to have good oral hygiene to avoid infection. Antibiotics should be taken when performing procedures or dental procedures to prevent infection of the endocarditis.

Congenital Heart Disease And Children's Health

Give your child a follow-up appointment and follow the doctor's treatment, even if the child has had surgery, because after surgery, some congenital heart diseases still need to be monitored and when growing up, the child may have some problems. health problem..

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