Contraception For Men – Which Is Good?

Most people think contraception is only for women. But that is completely wrong because there are also methods of contraception for men.
Contraception in men can be done when contraception in a woman is not available, in difficulty or simply men want to prevent the possibility of having an unwanted child.
Here are the contraceptives for men:
Condoms effectively prevent pregnancy up to 98%.
Besides, condoms also protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, STDs like herpes and chlamydia

. That's something no other method has.
However, the use of condoms need to be used properly to ensure the effectiveness:
Use only latex or polyurethane condoms and store in a cool, dry place. Condoms made of sheepskin or different materials may not protect against HIV and other viruses;
Condoms should not be stored in purses or places where heat and friction can damage them;
Note condoms are not too old, out of date
Always check expiry dates before buying or using them;
Using a water-based or solicone condom helps make condoms more durable and more difficult to tear than condoms with oil-based lubricants.

Contraception For Men - Which Is Good?

Condoms are an effective contraceptive with many advantages
Most importantly, wear and remove the condom correctly:
Place the condom on the tip of the penis that is in an erect state. Gently rub the condom tip with your hand to let the air out;
Pull the condom all the way to the root of the penis but leave a small area about 1cm away to contain semen; .
If you are not circumcised, pull back the foreskin before sliding the condom down;
As soon as the end of intercourse when the penis is erect, grab the penis while the other hand holds the condom in place and pulls out;
Throw condoms in the trash.
How to use condoms correctly
Vasectomy is also known as male sterilization.
A vasectomy is a procedure in which a doctor ties tubes that sperm pass through to reach the testes called a vas deferens.
This is the most effective birth control option for men. The statistical probability is that only about 15 out of 10,000 couples will become pregnant in case a woman has a vasectomy

After a vasectomy, it takes about 3 months for the sperm to be completely sperm free.

Contraception For Men - Which Is Good?

Therefore, during that time, men should use a contraceptive method of condom use.
Benefits of the method:
This is a simpler, cheaper method and works better than female sterilization;
The procedure is performed and completed on the same day, sterilizers can go home to rest without hospitalization;
This method does not affect the process of sex or ejaculation of men;
Sperm does not have any abnormal symptoms that you may notice in terms of color or smell (they may look clearer than usual).
A vasectomy is a complete sterilization procedure, and men cannot have children after the vasectomy.
In some cases, men undergo vasectomy to expect a pregnancy again. However, this method is not always effective.
This method does not protect men from sexually transmitted diseases. They may still need condoms.
The risk of the procedure may be swelling, minor bleeding or other infection or complication but usually not serious.

Contraception For Men - Which Is Good?

Contact your doctor right away if you exhibit any unusual, painful, swollen, bleeding or feverish condition for 3 days or more.
As with any surgery, you have a slight chance of swelling, bleeding, infection and other complications. But they are rare and usually not serious.
Illustration of vasectomy method for men
Cum outside
External ejaculation is an active contraceptive method. In it, men do not ejaculate into the vagina of women. It usually includes activities such as:
Only foreplay: kissing, touching without ejaculation;
Masturbation: self-satisfied without introducing the penis into female vagina and ejaculating out; Some people have sex with normal women but when ejaculation time comes, they pull out their penis and masturbate and ejaculate out;
Oral or anal sex, not ejaculation into the vagina.
Conception cannot occur unless the sperm comes close to the woman's vagina.
However, in some cases, men who have sex and only withdraw their penis when they are about to ejaculate may also be at risk of becoming pregnant if they leak sperm during sex.

Contraception For Men - Which Is Good?

This method is cheap, simple and has no side effects.
This method is considered by many to be unsatisfactory for both men and partners. Some people use supportive tools to increase pleasure.
On the other hand, other oral or private contacts can still make you sexually transmitted.
External ejaculation is an effective method of contraception, but is potentially risky
Some other methods of male contraception
There are many research projects underway on forehead methods.

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