Cross Ligament In Front Of Knee Joint

Knee joints play a very important role in body movement. When the joint is healthy and functioning well, people tend to not pay attention to its importance.
However, when a part of the structure of the joint is broken, human activities are limited and patients suffer from pain. Medical intervention will help overcome this problem.

Why the front ligament is easily broken?
Anterior cruciate ligament connects the femur and tibia, keeping the knee joint firmly in the anteroposterior direction

Therefore, if an injury to the knee in the anteroposterior direction will cause the anterior cruciate ligament to be too tight and break.
In addition, a fall in the twisted leg can also break the frontal ligament, especially for women due to the tendon and tendon systems around the knee are not as strong as men. Also they do not have good reflexes when sudden falls

Therefore, when a motorbike falls or falls suddenly, they often use the support to support the leg, which can easily dislocate the knee joint or break a ligament in front of the knee joint.

Cross Ligament In Front Of Knee Joint

On the other hand, the anatomical structure of a woman's knee has a special difference compared to that of the male's, because the bridge is more narrow, making the anterior cruciate ligament more likely to be pulled into the convex groove that breaks.
Why is the frontal ligament rupture easy to be missed?
Patients often hear the cry "sprinkle" when falling, then severe pain, unable to walk, have to ask someone else to stand up. After a few days, the pain is reduced thanks to good immobility and using supportive pain relief methods such as ice packs, painkillers, etc.
Because of this, people who think they have recovered without needing to see a doctor - this is the most common reason to miss the first cross ligament rupture.
However, there are still cases of some women who know how to care for their health, have gone to the doctor immediately after the injury and still miss the disease of a cross ligament rupture due to inaccurate diagnosis.
Yes, the anterior cruciate ligament is not a bone, so it is difficult to detect the disease using conventional X-ray alone.
On the other hand, knee joint is an area too specialized in orthopedic trauma, so if you only examine at a non-specialized facility that is often overlooked or if detected, the doctor will also be confused when dealing with situations
knee injury case.

Cross Ligament In Front Of Knee Joint

How to identify anterior cruciate ligament rupture first?
To avoid the phenomenon of omission, women should not self-medicate when they encounter injuries, but should visit medical facilities specializing in orthopedic trauma, sports medicine, etc. .
By means of specialized examination, the doctor will determine the true cause of pain after a direct examination on the knee joint. In cases where it is not clear, you will be given magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to confirm the diagnosis.
The benefit of magnetic resonance film is that it can detect many injuries in the knee in a single scan ... Thereby, the surgeon will promptly treat the damage thoroughly, soon restore knee function for you.

Cross Ligament In Front Of Knee Joint

At the same time, avoid missing injuries other than the cause of anterior cruciate ligament rupture.
On the other hand, timely management will help you eliminate long-term risks that can lead to many other knee problems..

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