Cure Damaged Gas

The disease is caused by traditional medicine called diabetes mellitus. The ancients were based on five colors, divided into five categories: Red piss, white piss, royal piss, piss piss, black piss. Damage can have the following 5 diseases:
1. Spleen failure
The discharge is white, like saliva, does not stink, the abdomen is not full of pain, menstrual periods are often white, the skin is white, the spirit is tired, the hands and feet are cold, the diarrhea is clear, the urine is clear and white, the tongue is white, postponement of weakness.
Treatment: Spleen Qi
Medicinal ingredients: Main father ginseng (impregnated with ginger, yellow star) 40g, lotus seed shell (gold star) 20g, cardamom (if not replaced by dry wormwood) 10g, tangerine peel 12g, spleen 20g, lemongrass (star) 12g, of course (gold stars) 40g

Usage: The stars are finished, dried, finely chopped, sieve, suspension of pellets made of small corn kernels. Each time drink 20g twice a day, morning and evening.
Low heat
Heavy air discharge, sometimes bloody, sticky substance, slightly foul, dizziness and heavy, tired, thirsty without drinking lots of water, irritability less sleep, common defecation, flushing, urinating but icy, greasy, mossy tongue.

Cure Damaged Gas

Treatment: low heat minus (hot, low minus)

Medicine: Impaired (yellow star) 40g, of course (yellow star) 40g, flower vinegar 20g, crested chicken flower 20g, shell peeled (star wine) 20g.
How to use: The finished star, dried, chopped, fine sifted, put away the bottle, sealed button to use. Each time drink 20g twice a day, morning and evening.
3. Dam low
Fat, fat discharge, more mucus, heavy head, pale mouth, viscous, chest full of belly, eat less sputum, breathe strongly and folding, pale tongue, oily tongue moss, flexible veins .
Treatment: Except for low, spleen, chemical talks.
Remedy: Divine submission (yellow star) 20g, tangerine peel (remove white film) 16g, sub-sale (manufacture) 16g, pungent shell (star) 20g, tuber bear (star with consensus) 20g, only 12g body, ginger live 8g

Usage: All flavors are yellow, pour 600ml of warm water into the kettle and 300ml.

Cure Damaged Gas

Each time 150ml, 2 times a day morning and evening.
4. Courageous
The discharge is pale or white, the substance is sticky, persistent, indefinitely menstruation, the mind is not relaxed, the ribs are full, the mouth is bitter, the neck is dry, the face is yellowish, frequent defecation, urination yellow, moss white tongue yellow mixed, veins.
Remedy: Treatment, antipyretic, calming (regulating liver, melancholy, calming).
Medicine: Red copper chain (gold star) 40g, stick 20g, white female (yellow star) 40g, 20g gold turmeric, gardenia (star burn) 20g, licorice string 16g.
Usage: The stars are finished, put in warm, pour 800ml of water, take 450ml excellent.
5. Kidney failure
The discharge is white, like egg whites, for a long time does not go away, the face is dark, the stool is viscous, the urine is clear and clear, the lower back is sore, the lower abdomen is sore, the tongue is pale, the moss is white, the veins are deep International.

Cure Damaged Gas

Treatment: Kidney transplant
Medicine: Impaired (yellow star) 40g, ha thu o (preparation) 40g, buds dew (yellow star) 40g, sample (baked carefully) 40g, black beans (star carefully) 40g.
How to use: The finished star, dried, chopped, lake made into pellets, with small corn kernels. Each drink 20g, day 2 times morning and evening..

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