Cure Insomnia With Herbal Medicine

Insomnia is often accompanied by symptoms: headache, lightheadedness, dizziness, forgetfulness, nervousness, poor appetite.

The cause of the disease is due to mental agitation, fear of anxiety, mental disorders, prolonged illness, which causes the damaged kidneys to fail to cultivate the mind, leading to insomnia. To treat this disease, Eastern medicine has effective remedies below. Depending on the clinical form, readers can refer and apply.
Insomnia due to the fire mind
Symptoms: headache, lightheadedness, red tongue, swollen gums, constipation, constipation, sleepiness, dreaming or startling, restless anxiety.
Cure: Purification of the mind, calming the mind.
Lesson 1: Hoang Lien 10g, royal promote 10g, wild leaves 20g, shame 16g, white spirit 10g, squid grass 20g, mulberry 20g, clove 20g, pennywort 20g. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times

Lesson 2: Death 12g, 12g flowers, 10g royal yellow, black apple 16g, 16g betel nut grass, virgin 16g, white 10g, licorice 12g, 12g regulation, 12g defensive formula.

Cure Insomnia With Herbal Medicine

On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Insomnia due to courage

Symptoms: Pain in the lower ribs, yellow urine in the urine, headache, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, frequent apple stools, bitter mouth, yellow tongue moss.
Remedy: Detoxification of peace, serenity.
Lesson 1: Knitting 10g, 12g limbs, 12g white ginseng, 20g gotu kola, 16g royal fathers, 20g squid grass, 12g ginseng knitting, useful samples 16g, licorice 12g. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Lesson 2: Incense 12g, only 10g corpse, 12g limb, 20g funeral, nostalgic 12g, 12g humiliation, dark apple 16g, starting 12g, lower continental 10g. Sac drank on a ladder

Insomnia in premenopause
Symptoms: Trouble sleeping with hot flashes, headache, dry skin, pressing in the chest, any sweating, bone pain, chest pain .

Cure Insomnia With Herbal Medicine

Remedy: Nursing mind reduces air, calm, clears heat.
Lesson 1: Black apple with 16g, knitting ginseng 12g, 20g clove, selling 10g, 10g post-seawater, 12g sea bean, 16g squid grass, 12g white dahlia, knitting 10g, starting 10g, licorice 12g. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.

Lesson 2: Dong quai 12g, ha ha 12g, useful samples 12g, knitting ginseng 12g, white spirit 10g, martyrs 12g, chi 12g, sand base 16g, nostalgic 16g, intermittent 12g, honeysuckle 16g, Shu address 12g, licorice 12g. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Lesson 3: Silver 10g, interstate 10g, 16g squid, 10g, 12g, 12g white, 12g royal yellow apple, 16g black apple, 10g summer sale, 10g post-10g, 16g clove nail.

Cure Insomnia With Herbal Medicine

On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Insomnia due to the heart of the dilemma
Symptom: Spleen fails to synthesize the essence, the mind lacks nourishment, produces conditions: sleep or dream, very short sleep, fast wake, often nervous, forgetful, very poor working capacity, sharp sullen face, mossy pale tongue, weak pulse.
Remedy: Nourishing the heart spontaneously to energize the blood.
Lesson 1: White Buddha 16g, 16g nostalgic paint, 16g continuous, 16g, 16g packaging, licorice 12g, field 12g, 6 khong birth, 12g craftsmen, 12g great apple. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Lesson 2: Nails 16g, processing 16g, 16g, 16g, 10g, 10g, postgame 10g, bare 10g, licorice 12g, licorice 12g, white 12g, injured 10g, great 12g apples. On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times.
Lesson 3: Black apple with 16g, 20g gold leaf, 12g sea bean, dong quai 16g, bare 12g, white 16g, five-pack 16g, 16g clove bulbs, born khong 6g, high khong khong 10g, medlar 10g , great apple 12g, licorice 12g.

Cure Insomnia With Herbal Medicine

On 1 ladder, 3 times excellent drink 3 times..

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