Cure Sweating

Traditional medicine classifies sweating as a "self-respecting", "chastity", which means perspiration spontaneously even in its normal state, even when sleeping.
The main reason is due to unstable gas protection, new excreted excretion, in case of excessive sweating makes the body chills, tired.
To cure this disease Eastern medicine often focuses on the good temperament. Please introduce some commonly used remedies.

- Use vegetables sam (current slag code) 100g, squeeze juice to drink, divide 2 times a day

- You can use a combination of acid and alkaline alumina powder powder, drink 8g twice a day, mix with alcohol to drink. Or use 10g needles, 10g of 10g, excellent drink 2 times a day.
- In case of exhausted body sweating or too much
Using the five elements 30g, the god of death 60g, white lotus 30g, ginseng 30g, 30g sample, ephedra 30g, spread the powder, use the pulp of the apple complete each 4g, use 2 times a day

Or you can use the five elements of death, ginseng 12g, goji berries 10g, 10g crane, excellent drink on a ladder.

Cure Sweating

- Cure self-sweating due to noxious gas, fatigue, short breath using 10g white eucalyptus, room 10g room, 18g sample rate, 1 drink per day.
- If negative sounds into a lot of sweat or sweating, use apple acid to copy stars 15g, biosphere 15g, prongs (plain rice) 30g, divide into 3 colors daily.
Or use frequency of 10g, 10g geodermite, 6g high bar, licorice 6g. Sac drank on a ladder.

- In case of low heat, sweating, loss of new fluid, tired body use items: Lien Kieu 4g, fairy cavity 8g, fairy earth 8g, celestial pollen 4g, eastern aroma 8g, funeral 12g, excellent drink on 1 ladder.
Or you can use tang Diep 300g, baked sample 150g. Sac drink treatment for excessive sweating in the palm of the hand

Day use 1 ladder, divided 3 times.

Cure Sweating

- Treatment of sweating a lot, not stop using 12g enemy paint, 12g dragon fruit, 8g sample, 12g white flesh, or 12g sample, royal jelly base 8g, 12g royal prince, 10g angioedema. Sac drank on a ladder.
Eastern circuit.
In addition, you can use the article Duong Duong Thang: Ginseng 12g, royal period 12g, white agarwood 12g, licorice 6g, Schisandra 6g.
Or use the utility of the ladder to enhance the effect of the thermal sound treatment for sweating, including 12g biosphere, 12g enamel, 12g knitting, 12g white dahlia, 10g eastern artery, 10g alchemy, 12g profesional diaphragm , local packaging 10g, contact 10g, mind 10g, contingent 6g. Sac drank on a scale of 2-3 times.
Note, when suffering from increased sweating, depending on the condition of each patient, the physician will reduce the herbs accordingly.
Therefore, when infected, patients need to visit medical facilities specializing in traditional medicine or experienced physicians to treat.

Cure Sweating


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