Dermatitis Caused By … Hot

The sudden hot weather caused a sudden increase in the number of patients hospitalized for skin diseases. At the beginning of the summer, the Center for Allergy - Clinical Immunology (Bach Mai Hospital) had to receive many patients every day with symptoms of rash. And the reason is ...
Hospitalized just because ..



Dermatitis Caused By ... Hot

Nguyen Huu Truong, Center for Allergy - Clinical Immunology (Bach Mai Hospital), said that the number of patients suffering from skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis to medical examination and treatment this time increased significantly

to tell.
The main reason is due to the weather in the intermittent seasons, the heat suddenly occurs, the intensity of sunlight is strong, the body is sweating a lot, so the chronic skin diseases are often significantly worse.
Worth mentioning, some cases of itchy examination "closed", the old wound has not cured, a new one has appeared.
These patients often work in a polluted, unprepared environment resulting in prolonged damage.
Why is dermatitis?
BS. Nguyen Huu Truong, Center for Allergy-Clinical Immunology (Bach Mai Hospital), said that the skin is a special organ, covering most of the body's surface and in direct contact with the environment so it is very vulnerable to external stimuli.
Non-bacterial dermatitis (also known as eczema or eczema) is one of the most common skin manifestations.

Dermatitis Caused By ... Hot

This is a group of diseases with various causes, characterized by superficial inflammation on the surface of the skin, which causes itching, redness, blisters, rupture causing discharge and crusting. .
The most common types of dermatitis are contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, oily dermatitis, neurodermatitis, leukemia and generalized skin redness. The most common complication of all forms of dermatitis is thickening of the skin due to excessive scratching and infection at the sores due to poor hygiene.
In principle, dermatitis is a reaction of the skin to external environmental stimuli such as extreme heat or cold, mechanical and chemical stresses on the skin, or other types of antigen Skin irritation.
Although non-bacterial dermatitis is not life-threatening and is not contagious, it is often very persistent and causes a lot of inconvenience to the patient.
Dermatitis is caused by prolonged scratching or rubbing at one site. The disease usually occurs in people between the ages of 20 - 50.

Dermatitis Caused By ... Hot

The first cause of pruritus is usually contact dermatitis, fungal infection or parasite, but after the cause has been resolved, the patient continues to scratch in the old position (possibly due to psychological factors).

Scratching itself can increase the itch and further promote scratching, resulting in the area of the skin becomes thick and brown (liken). These patches have relatively clear boundaries, usually located on the scalp, neck, wrists, shoulders, arms and ankles.
How to prevent?

The treatment of dermatitis is often difficult and time-consuming. Trimming nails, wearing rubber gloves, and minimizing scratching is very important.
Topical cortisteroid creams or greases work well to help soften the skin. Using sedatives or sedatives may help reduce scratching during sleep.
When the weather is hot, people should actively dry blankets, bedding, clothes and other household items so that insects no longer have a place to live.

Dermatitis Caused By ... Hot

Keep personal hygiene, hot weather should actively wash hands and feet with clean water to avoid perspiration on the body for too long can also cause itching, especially patients with a history of seasonal itching.
At the same time, cleaning the space of the house is cool, clean, should not leave the bonsai pots luxuriant leaves, wet indoors because it can also be the source of the disease, flies and mosquitoes ... Besides , people should drink plenty of water, eat fruits to enhance the body's resistance.
For patients who have been examined, they should take medicine and revisit follow the doctor's instructions. When having strange symptoms, you must immediately notify the doctor for the right and timely treatment..

Dermatitis Caused By ... Hot

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