Digestive Enzyme – How To Use The Right Way?

For a long time, due to habits, ignorance and ambiguity of manufacturers along with incomplete explanation of some health workers, many mothers abused digestive enzymes, whenever they saw their children. Lazy eating is arbitrarily bought for drinking.
Few people know that digestive enzymes and probiotics are two different preparations in nature, but due to their habits, they are often referred to as generic enzymes!
What is digestive enzymes?
Yeast are essentially proteins that catalyze a chemical reaction, which itself does not proceed or proceed very slowly without yeast.
Enzymes (also known as enzymes) are produced by the body (mainly from the digestive tract and gland) to digest food. There are several important digestive enzymes such as:
The amylase of the salivary gland breaks down cooked starch

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) and the enzymes pepsin, lipase of the stomach. These products have the effect of softening the food, cutting collagen fibers, breaking down proteins into short polypeptide chains; however, pepsin of the stomach can only digest 10-20% of the protein of the stomach. food

Digestive enzymes help to digest food better
The lipase enzyme of the stomach has a very weak effect, only digesting the emulsified fat form (fat of milk, eggs).

Digestive Enzyme - How To Use The Right Way?

The enzymes of pancreatic juice are the most important, including: amylase; Pancreatic enzymes that digest proteins include: trypsin, chymotrypsin, carboxypolypeptidase, under their action, the protein will be broken down into simpler amino acid fragments; Pancreatic fat enzymes of the pancreas are lipase enzymes (after the fat is emulsified with bile salts), under its effect, most of the fat of the food will be digested.
The liver secretes bile acids and bile salts, which play an important role in dissolving fats, enabling lipase enzymes to digest fats.
Score of probiotics
The microflora plays a very important role in the digestive tract, especially the child's digestive system. Some useful microorganisms are necessary for digestive system:
- Lactobacillus sporogenes is one of the microorganisms that produce lactic acid, acidify the intestinal tract and prevent the growth of rotting bacteria.
- Bacillus subtilis is a microorganism producing amylase, catalyzing hydrolysis reaction of a - 1,4 glucoside bonds of polysaccharides such as starch, glycogen.
- Beer yeast belongs to the saccharomycetaceae family. They are usually made into dry form to avoid the breakdown of vitamins
Dry brewer's yeast contains vitamins B1, PP, B2, B6, B5, biotin, folic acid, B12, aminobenzoic acid and isonitol.

Digestive Enzyme - How To Use The Right Way?

This is a very rich source of vitamins and nutrients, used in the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.
- Clostridium butyricum is a microorganism with fermentation effect on butyric. They assimilate nitrogen in complex compounds such as amino acids, peptides, proteins ... In addition, they also ferment sugars, starches, dextrin, pectin ...

Digestive Enzyme - How To Use The Right Way?

Today, based on the development of the pharmaceutical industry, people have produced probiotics (probiotics) that also support digestion, also known as probiotics, depending on the type of product that The part will have one or more of the above bacteria. Mothers often abuse this type of probiotics.
Another concept to know is prebiotics. This is the fiber used to create a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria to grow. In industrial food products are often added with both probiotic and prebiotic ingredients to increase the effectiveness of preventing and treating intestinal bacterial disorders.
When giving your child digestive enzymes, you should consult your doctor first to ensure your baby's safety
Note when using digestive enzymes and probiotics
The use of any type of digestive enzymes, the amount, how much, when to use ...

Digestive Enzyme - How To Use The Right Way?

must be prescribed by a physician and monitored after a specific examination.
The normal body has a close coordination between the digestive enzymes from the mouth to the small intestine. When the digestive glands are damaged or reduced excretion (due to prolonged diarrhea, severe malnutrition, cystic cystic fibrosis, prolonged atrophy of the intestine, shortened intestines after surgery ...), the body will lack enzyme.
In these cases, in addition to providing adequate nutrients through the diet, children need to provide some additional digestive enzymes of the pancreas.
Except for cases of congenital gastrointestinal damage, the enzyme should only be used in batches 1-2 weeks, should not be used for long; otherwise it will inhibit the digestive glands, reduce excretion and lead to atrophy.

Digestive Enzyme - How To Use The Right Way?

For normal children who show signs of anorexia, need to find out the causes to overcome. For these children, enzyme digestion should not be used as a drug because of little effect. In case of necessity, the physician's prescription should be used.
For probiotics, only for the treatment of acute viral diarrhea and in the absence of beneficial gut bacteria.
Therefore, the drug is mainly applied to patients on prolonged antibiotics, because antibiotics have the side effect of destroying beneficial gut bacteria, creating momentum for harmful bacteria to grow, especially spread of anaerobic bacteria, producing c.

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