Disease Caused By … Excess Salt

Salt is very important in human life: helps balance the amount of water in the body and has the effect of dissolving some substances. The sodium in salt along with potassium, calcium and magnesium combines with water to form a compound called "electrolyte," which has a "sanitary" effect on the inside of the body. When prolonged lack of salt people will die from electrolyte disorders. Salt is so important, but if we use it too much, we will have unpredictable consequences.
Weak bones: In the composition of salt, sodium accounts for 40%. The daily intake of sodium causes the body to excrete large amounts of calcium, threatening the density and bone health as well as many other organs in the body.
Therefore, the risk of developing osteoporosis later is an inevitable indispensable, especially for women. Therefore, the less sodium is absorbed, the less calcium is excreted from the body

Increased risk of stomach cancer: People who have a habit of eating too salty are nearly twice as likely to develop stomach cancer compared to other normal people.

Disease Caused By ... Excess Salt

This risk is higher in people who often combine salty eating with sour, spicy and beer, wine

DNA structural disorders: One of the most dangerous effects of table salt is the disruption of the DNA chain structure that causes the body's cell repair mechanisms to stop working or working inefficiently.
Causes kidney stones: 70% of patients with kidney stones have a habit of eating salty many times more than others. Scientific studies have found that sodium has a water-holding effect, so in addition to reducing the body's toxins excretion through excretion, it also retains calcium and hard deposits for a long time, which will lead to sedimentation. gravel deposits. In addition to limiting salt, you should reduce the amount of protein in your diet.
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Increased risk of hypertension: Hypertension is called a "silent killer" because it progresses silently and often leads to more dangerous diseases such as stroke, heart attack ..

Disease Caused By ... Excess Salt

People who regularly eat salty are more likely to develop high blood pressure, which is because sodium draws water from the wall of the artery into the bloodstream, causing the artery to narrow while the amount of water and pressure increases.
To prevent hypertension, in addition to avoiding salt abuse in preserving and processing food, it is also necessary to limit the use of high-sodium processed foods such as noodles, processed and packaged foods, frozen, ready-to-eat poultry, pickles, fast foods like french fries, shrimp chips ...
Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables to increase the amount of potassium that can reduce blood pressure. People with hypertension should use a maximum of 5g salt / day. In case of iodine salt, the dosage must be lower because it has higher salinity than sea salt.

Disease Caused By ... Excess Salt

Increased risk of stress: There is a lot of evidence to show that if the amount of salt in meals exceeds the necessary rate will increase the risk of stress, it is because sodium will increase the number of brain cells receiving hormones. norepinephrine - a hormone that transmits nerve signals from the brain to the heart (causing the heart to beat faster), to the digestive system (causing all organs to stop digestion) and to blood vessels (causing blood vessels to constrict). tighten) ... causing feelings of anxiety, panic, and irritability.
In a nutshell, a person should only consume about 3 to 6 grams of salt daily, which is equivalent to about 1,200 to 2,000 micrograms of sodium.

Disease Caused By ... Excess Salt

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