Dishes – Post Cure Uterine Prolapse

Labor is also known as prolapse. The reason is that the body is inherently weak, postpartum blood gas has not recovered yet, using excessive labor force leads to the damaged gas, unable to contract the uterus.
This disease is divided into 2 parts: gas damage and low heat.
1. Gas malfunction: manifested in the vulva with items falling down to his or her door, heavy lower abdomen, lumbar pain, heart palpitations, shortness of urination, defecation, loose, moss The blade is thin, the air is short

. Circuit that edema that damage.
Treatment: according to the principle: "Put down, then put up", using air to put up is the main. Using the article: "Supplementing the medium of gas": 4g of ginseng, 6g of lemon (baked), 2g of dong quai, 4g of white agar, 4g of prickly pear, 2g of bare skin, 2g of sublimation, 2g of dried lake, 3 slices of raw ginger, 3 apples 500ml identity 150ml, warm drink during the day


Dishes - Post Cure Uterine Prolapse

Rheumatism: manifested in the vulva with protruding, swollen, painful, yellowish discharge, hot urination, yellow urine, painful urination, complacent, hot, self-sweating Bad, dry mouth, bitter, red tongue, yellow moss, viscous circuit.
Cause: due to spleen failure, low gas content, prolonged heat production. Treatment: low heat, low benefits.
Using the song "Long mang duong description can thang": Long mango draft (stars wine) 4g, pine needles 2g, 4g lake use, profiled 4g, far away money, royal birth (star alcohol) 2g, equivalent quynh (wash alcohol) ) 2g, death of death (star) 2g, royal bird (star of wine) 2g, licorice 2g. Sac drank away from meals.
Porridge and medicine to treat uterine prolapse:
Millet porridge, eel: 1 eel eel, remove the internal organs, wash and chop into a pot with 100g of cooked salt and salt, enough water to simmer porridge. Eat all during the day, eat when hungry

Congee porridge, chicken egg: red knotweed 30g, wrapped with cheesecloth, together with millet 50g, treat cleanly in the pot, enough water to cook porridge.

Dishes - Post Cure Uterine Prolapse

Then take out the knotweed, put in the seasoning, sugar and beat the 2 chicken eggs. Eat two times a fasting day.
Party ginseng porridge, ghost promotion: 30g ginseng party, ghost sub 10g. For thorough cooking water and then discarded residues, millet 50g into cooking porridge. Eat two times a fasting day.
Eel soup: 2 eel eel, remove bones, intestines, head, tail, cut into the pot, and then put onions ginger salt and wine marinated for a while. Enough water to boil, soup for spices is okay. Eat with meals every day.

Dishes - Post Cure Uterine Prolapse

Sea lettuce soup, Hoang Ky: fresh crucian fish 1 child 250g, Hoang Ky 25g, star body only 10g. Hoàng Kỳ, only determines 40 minutes to cook and remove the residue, get water.
Clean the fish in a pot of medicine and ginger salt and cook until cooked. Eating a meal together.
At the same time, combining acupressure and external acupuncture such as applying compresses will result in faster results.
When curing, you have to rest well, abstain from the gym, and carry a heavy burden to improve the effectiveness of treatment and prevent relapse. Specifically, tonic uplift..

Dishes - Post Cure Uterine Prolapse

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