Don’t Be Subjective With Persistent Coughing In The Elderly

Coughing in the elderly is a quite dangerous situation, not subjective because it can be a manifestation of many dangerous diseases, threatening the health of patients.
Coughing is a reflex aimed at expelling foreign bodies, secretions, toxic gases, microorganisms, etc. from the airways to protect the airways. A cough is also a symptom manifested when the lining of the airways is inflamed for various reasons. A prolonged cough is uncomfortable for the sick and greatly affects their life. Prolonged coughing can occur at any age but in elderly people (NCT) when this disease needs extreme attention.
Manifestations of cough and causes of cough in older persons
In everyday life you may experience the manifestations of many different types of coughs. Usually when the respiratory tract is affected by inflammation, the patient presents with a dry cough, which means that the cough has not produced so there is no phlegm

A few days later, due to the swelling of the bronchial mucosa and throat mucus, the cough also manifests itself differently and the secretion of the respiratory tract mucus becomes productive.

Don't Be Subjective With Persistent Coughing In The Elderly

Dry cough is common in acute respiratory infections such as pharyngitis (especially granulitis, allergic pharyngitis), early bronchitis. Cough with sputum is more common in cases of pharyngitis, bronchi has reached the stage of full-on. Sputum may be liquid or thick or sputum with fresh blood. Cough may be acute or chronic.
When coughing for a long time, the elderly should seek medical attention immediately, do not be subjective
Acute coughs usually last for a few weeks, but chronic coughs can last for weeks, even months, sometimes years. A chronic cough in older persons has many causes, some cause no harm and have a good prognosis if properly treated, but there are types of coughs in older persons that need attention.
One of the common causes for older persons with prolonged cough is asthma, especially chronic asthma
Coughs in older persons with chronic asthma often have a thick, fluidy sputum, so when coughing, they have a clear noise like a pipe smoker.

Don't Be Subjective With Persistent Coughing In The Elderly

If the asthma attack is treated, the person will reduce or stop the cough.
One cause of cough in EL that easily overlooked is gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is a syndrome of many symptoms such as burning behind the breastbone, heartburn, flatulence and prolonged cough. In cases of reflux esophagitis, there are cases of only a persistent cough with few other symptoms.
Cough in gastroesophageal reflux disease is caused by gastric reflux from the stomach causing irritation of the respiratory tract mucosa and damage due to the effects of gastric juice. In this case, if detected early and treated properly and all gastroesophageal reflux disease is synonymous with coughing out.
Some respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, emphysema also cause a cough, especially the cough of bronchodilator disease in the elderly usually occurs at midnight, near the morning. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a disease that includes emphysema, accompanied by chronic bronchitis, which also causes a persistent cough that is common in older persons.

Don't Be Subjective With Persistent Coughing In The Elderly

This is a chronic chronic respiratory disease and cough is therefore a typical symptom in this type of disease. Some older persons who are addicted to tobacco and pipe tobacco also have prolonged cough due to chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract mucosa. In addition, there are some conditions that are less common but cause long-lasting cough like in heart failure, especially severe heart failure due to long-term blood stasis in the lungs or cough in some people taking inhibitors. enamel transfer.
Elderly people with prolonged cough may be a manifestation of tuberculosis
Most notably is the cough in the elderly when the detection of tuberculosis, pleural effusion, sometimes cough accompanied by sputum and blood. Most worrying is that the older person coughs when he has a tumor in his lungs. There are many types of lung tumors and there are also many benign or non-dangerous types such as bacterial or parasitic lung abscess (staphylococcal abscess) but the most worrying is lung cancer.
What should elderly people do when coughing?
First of all, calm down should not worry too much and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Don't Be Subjective With Persistent Coughing In The Elderly

Once you have been examined and identified the cause, you should follow your doctor's instructions to treat the problem, you should not diagnose yourself or buy medicine as directed by the pharmacist at the pharmacy to treatment.
If you do so many times, the disease will not only recover but be worse, sometimes life-threatening; Do not smoke cigarettes, waterpipe tobacco because smoking is the most common cause of respiratory diseases.
NCT should also not drink cold water. If you have high blood pressure that your doctor has indicated for treatment but when you feel sick, cough, especially if you cough at night, you need to tell your doctor to change the medicine accordingly..

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