Earth For Blood

Field (scientific name is Radix Rehmanniae gluticosae praeparata), is a medicine made from dry biosphere.

The biosphere is distilled and dried many times (5-7 times) until the drug has a flexible, black-colored appearance from the inside out.
Chemical composition: In the field, there are catalpol (iridoid glycoside group), monosacharid, amino acids.
According to Oriental medicine, the taste is sweet and mild. Into the sutta, courage and kidney

. Has the effect of tonic, blood, new born just thirsty. Used for cases of negative blood damage with back pain, knee weakness, body weakness, diuretics, tinnitus, deafness, dizziness headache, visual impairment. Dosage: 12 - 60g

Taboo: Poor eating spleen, abdominal distention full, diarrhea can not be used.

Earth For Blood

Do not use at the same time with the hybrid death (radish seeds).
Earth is used to treat diseases:
Private kidney, negative sex: Use in case of insufficient kidney sound, heat in the bones, theft of sweat, sperm, back pain, tired knee.
Hoan Ta rules: Field, 20g, 12g high long, painted enemies 12g, 16g medicinal paints, goji berries 12g, 12g ox, 12g rabbit.
Grinding into a fine powder, training with molasses. Day 2 times, each time 12g. Grinding into a fine powder, training with molasses. Day 2 times, each time 12g

Hoan Dai added chant: Geography 20g, prescribed 20g, royal promote 12g, 12g sample value.

Earth For Blood

Grind into powder, mix with pig's spinal cord, practice with bile to complete. Day 2 times, each time 12g. Drink on an empty stomach, with ginger or light salt water.
Complementary blood, menstruation: Thang Tu material: 20g field, 12g equivalent, 12g white, cross frame 6g. Sac drink. Use when blood damage so irregular menstruation and other blood damage.
Fresh students just thirsty: Field 12g, crown prince 16g, medicinal herbs 20g, Schisandra 8g. Sac drink.

Earth For Blood

Used when the new service is dry, diabetes mellitus (mouth thirsty, drink plenty of water, urinate a lot.
Some dishes - remedies:
Fried butter porridge porridge: Field 20g, 100 - 150g ordinary rice, molasses molasses 60g, avocado 60g. Shredded shit, cooked with ordinary rice into porridge.
Molasses and butter into the pan, stir well on the stove to boil the aroma, bring porridge, boil evenly. Used for cases of blood damage damaged blood from private effects tonic blood, blood benefits, spermatogenesis.
Diaperosaurs: Thuc Diai 300g, Diaphragm 300g, Schisandra 300g, Cinnamon 150g, Hoang Ky 500g. Roast back ground to dry cooked. All finely ground fine powder available.

Earth For Blood

Each time use 15g flour and a goat kidney (sliced) prepared soup soup.
Day 1 time, each time 5 - 10 days. Used for cases of weakness, numbness and weakness of limbs after long-term epidemiological diseases.

Black sesame porridge porridge: 15g field, Ha Thu oot 15g, small bean chain 30g, black sesame 15g. Combine the ingredients to cook well, add a pinch of salt. Use for cases of negative blood damage early gray hair.
Chicken stew chicken: Chicken 1 chicken, 200g chicken field, malt 150g. Chicken cleansed the intestines, field, malt into the chicken belly, water tunnel.

Earth For Blood

Divide eat two or three times a day. Used for cases of fatigue, low back pain, low weight loss, low body temperature sweating..

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