Eastern Medicine Boost Positive

In traditional medicine, yang yang, also known as yang yang, yin yang, etc. is a condition used to refer to the situation where the male's external genitalia suddenly shrinks inside, convulsions and severe pain, people mental illness stress, fear, can be accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath, pale face, chest tightness, chills, cold limbs ...
The disease is neurological in nature, largely due to psychological causes, often occurs in people susceptible, or anxiety

According to traditional medicine, the root of the disease is weak kidney failure, the tip is low outside welding penetration. The kidneys of the genitals, the evil spirits have the retraction, both the root and the tops will contract. In addition, disrespectful blood can lead to illness

Weight management (tendon), intervention from genitals to lower abdomen, low welding causes deadlock, which results in severe pain.

Eastern Medicine Boost Positive

The penis enlargement most arises after night ejaculation (which may be caused by sperm or intercourse) wakes up in the morning or rinses the genitals with cold water, invading excess muscle to become ill. A small number of cases are caused by excessive anger which causes the fire to rise, causing the tendon to contract causing a positive impulse.
To prevent this disease, in addition to practicing psychotherapy, you can use some of the following simple measures:
- Patients sitting, using their thumbs to press bravely on the soles (located on the soles of the feet, at the 2/5 front and 3/5 back points of the 2nd toe joint and the middle of the back edge of the heel, in indentation in the sole of the foot) for 10 minutes.
Next, press the acupressure points (touch along the length of the foot bone 1 and 2, determine the angle created by the two ends of the metatarsal of the two toes, the pressure point is at this angle, when the pressure feels intense) for 10 minutes.
- The patient lies on his back, relaxes his whole body, rubs his hands together so that he gets warm and places on his stomach rubbing slowly with a relatively strong force from the belly button to the genitals along the middle axis for 10 minutes, each date conducted 3 to 4 times.
Use medicine
- Take iron filings mixed with vinegar to give rise to a heat-generating reaction and then apply it to the acupuncture points of the airways (located at the 1.5 / 5 upper connection with the lower 3

5 / 5 of the umbilical joint to the mid-shore point on the pubic bone) .

Eastern Medicine Boost Positive

Can also use ephedra, cross-umbrella, cinnamon, clove and small incense or frankincense incense, a medicinal herb and dried code, spread powder, mix with water to form and then apply on the air vent.
- 1 onion fresh onions, washed, crushed, hot stars with alcohol and then applied to the navel and abdomen, spread a thin cloth on top, use a hot pot of hot water or a heat pack placed on top to keep heat.

- Old ginger 30g, onion 30g, loess 120g, white wine just enough. First, the turquoise stars were hot, followed by the crushed ginger and onions, pouring the wine into a paste.
Use the heat of the medicine to lower the perineal area, then cover it up with a thin film until the shrinkage stops, then quit.
- Father processing 30g, creating sensory (locust) star 30g, can Khuong (dried ginger) aromatic star 5g, licorice star 5g, musk 2g, all bring powdered powder, drink 3g daily with warm water.
- Moc Huong 6g, bowl 10g, father processing 12g, can Khuong 6g, whole listed 6g, 10g corn syrup, 1 drink per day excellent.
- Hoang Ky 30g, white agar 10g, white spirit 12g, can Jiang 10g, postpartum 10g, father processing 10g, salary khương (neighbor) 6g, 1 drink per day excellent.

Eastern Medicine Boost Positive

Food - remedies
- Peach kernel kernel 30g, 5g chives seeds, two colors to get water, add a little wine, drink hot.
- Sinh Khuong 15g washed thinly sliced, fresh onions, 3 bulbs, 100g rice, all bring security into porridge, divide and eat several times a day.
- Equal to pecans and chestnuts (peeled), aromatic stars, powdered, mixed with white sugar daily.
- 100g sparrow meat, lean 100g pork, stewed, add onion, fresh ginger, pepper and spices just enough, eat hot.
In order to prevent the impulses, attention should be paid to physical training, physical enhancement, a relaxed spiritual life, to avoid stress and anger to hurt courage, rational sexual activity and abstinence. eat cold, absolutely unhygienic foods, wash in cold water immediately after moving the room..

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