Eastern Medicine Treat Genital Warts

In recent years, due to various reasons, genital warts have been increasing. The disease usually occurs in the glans, head of urethra, perianal and vulva, caused by a virus.

The lesion is initially a small wart with pale pink color, then enlarged and elongated, sometimes into small or large, branching, pink wart, pink, soft, wet and bleeding easily. The disease is usually painless only to cause a feeling of entanglement, itching and discomfort. When rubbed a lot, the lesions were wet, secondary infections and neighborhood dermatitis

In traditional medicine, genital warts are in the range of "apple", "apple", "apple" ..
with the main reason being hygiene in place, not clean, low heat, lower dermis.

Eastern Medicine Treat Genital Warts

, mucosal mucosa that long into disease.
In terms of therapy, the general rule is to lower the heat, eliminate disintegration by specific methods as follows:
You can choose to use one of the following remedies:
- Spleen 15g, injured 15g, royal promote 15g, great serpent 20g, intentional 20g, 30g submissive spirit, knitting 12g, licorice 15g, pine 10g, current slag code (sam) 15g, excellent drink 1 ladder per day.
If the heat is manifested by local symptoms of hot swelling, redness, defecation of the apple, an additional rhubarb 9g, 15g gypsum, honeysuckle 15g, tri sample 9g; if the royal recurrence 20g period, white agar 15g.
- Wild daisies 30g, subdued 30g spirit, honeysuckle 10g, licorice 10g, 10g base plate, 10g base paint, 10g musk, interstate 10g, royal bird 10g, genus 10g, royal 10g, 10g injuries, painted from her 5g, 1 drink per day excellent.
Use topical cleanser
You can choose to use one of the following remedies:
- 30g lam lam, 30g daisies, 20g wood logger, 20g dried chrysanthemum, russia 15g, 20g geography, 1 day a sharp ladder to get water soaked in place.
- Partially crows, 3 parts peanut oil, two things soaked for half a month and then applied topically daily or use the crow to mix with five-prose powder, intelligence, mothballs and oysters .
- The current slag 60g, great stick 30g, cleverly 21g, excellent take water to wash in place, 2 times a day, each time 15 minutes, then use the most common 30g, alum mixed 9g mixed with sprays into damage

- Huang Qian, Huang Qian, ginseng, equal weight, dried, powdered, each time use 1g sprinkled onto the wound and then use a tight bandage, 10 times is a course, usually 2 courses are available result.

Eastern Medicine Treat Genital Warts

- Current slag code 45g, 30g base plate, 30g bean paint, 30g bitter ginseng, royal ginseng 20g, logger 15g, white angel 10g, peach 10g, 10g room style, licorice live 10g, 10g fresh sacrifice , excellent solution to get water absorbed into the gauze covering lesions 1 time a day, 15 minutes each time, 5 times is a course.
- Slag code currently 30g, fair skin 20g, sacrifice 15g, crows 10g, colors soaked water to wash lesions 2 times a day, 30 minutes each time.
- Chinese ginseng 50g, bean base 20g, peach kernel 15g, knitting 12g, tam lang 30g, russia 30g, sandalwood 20g, decoction soak water to wash lesions daily 2 times, each time 8 minutes, 14 days is one process.
- Ginseng bitter melon 50g, 50g suicide soap, 50g cypress, wood log hackers 50g, 50g base plate, 50g submissive peach, peach 30g, 30g compliments, penetrate 30g, decoction soak in water to wash and hurt every day 2 times, 30 minutes each time.
- Current slag code 60g, flexible from 20g jelly, 20g white loggia, 30g carpentry logger, 30g sample rate, 30g ginseng leukemia 30g, pink 10g rose petals, colors soaked water damage, wash every day 1 time, each time 20 minutes, 20 days is a course.
Usually, the ancients used to combine an oral medicine with an external medicine. Currently, methods of traditional medicine can be used to treat alone with mild cases, support the treatment of severe cases or to prevent recurrence after the therapy of organizing necrosis of the medicine.

Eastern Medicine Treat Genital Warts

Modern learning..

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