Effervescent Tablets: Medication Must Be Used With Caution!

Effervescent tablets, different from regular tablets, must dissolve in a glass with an appropriate amount of water, wait for the effervescent foam to drink. Effervescent tablets are special drugs with many uses, but caution should be exercised.
Effervescent tablets
It is due to the characteristics of effervescent tablets before being converted into liquid form, effervescent tablets have a number of advantages.
Effervescent tablets are suitable for those who have difficulty swallowing, especially for children and the elderly. For children around 2 - 3 years of age it is difficult to take pills, but if there is effervescent tablets that create a delicious-tasting solution, it will appeal to children

Similarly, elderly people have difficulty swallowing, so it is easier to drink liquid made from effervescent tablets than tablets.
Effervescent tablets when used are ready to drink with large amounts of water, so they will reach the stomach quickly, especially quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for effect.
Therefore, the effervescent tablet is considered to increase the "bioavailability" (ie, increasing the absorption, including the effect) of the drug

People have done experiments that effervescent cimetidine tablets treat stomach pain when taken into the stomach neutralize gastric acid (ie stomach acidity) 10 times higher than conventional cimetidine tablets.

Effervescent Tablets: Medication Must Be Used With Caution!

Effervescent tablets reduce the irritation that causes damage to the stomach lining of some drugs such as aspirin, because the drug is diluted with plenty of water before drinking (aspirin tablets will often dissolve and concentrate in a harmful place. stomach).
Cons and risks of effervescent tablets
The first harm, effervescent tablets can be harmful to patients with hypertension (hypertension) and are taking drugs to control hypertension.
Common effervescent tablets currently used are cold and flu remedies (vitamin and mineral supplements). There was an elderly man who had a cold who used paracetamol to treat effervescent tablets and vitamin C supplements as well as effervescent tablets, after which his blood pressure skyrocketed, requiring emergency hospitalization. Not only hypertension, but people with kidney failure should not use effervescent tablets.
The second disadvantage of effervescent tablets is that when dissolved in water, they form a solution with a deliciously attractive taste that many people abuse this drug to use as soft drinks and excessive use

Pharmaceutical products often use effervescent tablets as supplements of vitamins and minerals commonly referred to as supplements.

Effervescent Tablets: Medication Must Be Used With Caution!

In particular, effervescent tablets containing high doses of vitamin C (each containing 1,000mg of vitamin C) are very popular and many people use this preparation daily as soft drinks and regardless of dosage.
Vitamin C is a daily nutrient that only needs 60 - 100mg to supplement, with effervescent vitamin C 1,000mg, just one pill a day is more than enough. Yet many people take the effervescent tablet daily and drink lots of it due to the dissolution of the pill being thirsty!
It should be noted, taking too much vitamin C can cause diarrhea, gastrointestinal ulcers and risk of kidney stones (oxalate stones).
It should also be noted more about the form of effervescent tablets that these drugs need to be stored and stored under conditions of moisture. This is no small difficulty in the conditions of high humidity in our country.
If stored poorly, effervescent tablets will absorb moisture and the chemical reaction between the degassing excipients will silently occur (between alkaline and organic acids mentioned above) causing the quality of the drug to change (there are many Denatured pharmaceuticals no longer work or even cause harm due to dehumidification).
Therefore, the drug should be kept in a dry, unused place, do not open the vial or peel off the aluminum foil sealed tablet. Also keep the medicine out of the reach of children.

Effervescent Tablets: Medication Must Be Used With Caution!


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