Elderly People Are Not Subjective With Dizziness

Dizziness is a type of symptom that can be encountered at any age but older people (older persons) account for a higher proportion and are more dangerous. Dizziness is often accompanied by a number of other symptoms such as reeling, lightheadedness, and ringing in the ears, which are very uncomfortable for the patient and very easy to relapse.
Dizziness in the elderly can manifest in many different positions but is most common when lying down appears dizziness, especially when changing positions (lying on your back to lying on your left or right)
There are many different causes, including vestibular dizziness, anemia is a common symptom.
The cause of vertigo in the elderly
The most common cause of dizziness in the elderly is from the vestibular nerve. The vestibular is the area behind the cochlea, a system that plays an important role in maintaining posture, posture, conditioning, coordination of eye and head movements, reflexes of the muscles and general body movement

Therefore, when the vestibule is affected by any of these causes, it may cause balance disorders, convulsions, dizziness, nausea or vomiting.
Injuries such as head trauma, vaginitis of the cochlea region, due to embolism of the posterior cervical brain (occlusion, stenosis) or Menière syndrome all cause dizziness symptoms (Menière syndrome includes dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss).
People also mention the cause of vestibular injury due to a vestibular infection or traumatic injury

A common cause of dizziness in the elderly is vasomotor vascular disorders (arteries that supply blood to the affected cerebellum area or due to less blood flow or blocked blood vessels, fibrous congestion).

Elderly People Are Not Subjective With Dizziness

atherosclerosis) as the basal arterial artery.
Causes of atherosclerosis are many but due to hyperlipidemia, especially hypertension. Increasing blood cholesterol, especially the bad type, raises the risk of atherosclerosis.
When the artery is atherosclerotic, the narrowed artery makes it difficult for blood to flow, limiting blood flow to the brain. Types of brain tumors also cause dizziness and nausea such as brain tumors, cerebellum tumors, nerve tumors VIII.
Vascular or tumor-induced causes of vertigo are often classified as central vestibular disorders.
In addition, dizziness in the elderly can also be caused by food poisoning by chemicals or by bacteria (bacteria causing botulism have strong virulence and mainly affects the central nervous system such as Clostridium butulinum or S
aureus) or dizziness may be related to changing seasons, constant stress .

Elderly People Are Not Subjective With Dizziness


When dizzy, what should NCT do?
When dizziness, the patient should choose an appropriate position (tilt left or right or tilt back), do not try, forcing to go forward.
Avoid changing positions and should avoid bright light such as sunlight, light or avoid noise and noise. Need to call relatives, helpers know their situation so that people have the most appropriate attitude to treatment (giving medicine if they have known the disease in advance and having medicines available on prescription of a doctor or going to see a doctor. at the nearest health facility).
When dizziness, though only a transient, should see a doctor to determine the disease and condition, necessarily not subjective.
Depending on the condition, the doctor will examine the cardiovascular system, or specify appropriate tests, such as fasting blood test for cholesterol or echocardiography, ECG .

Elderly People Are Not Subjective With Dizziness

If it is suspected that atherosclerosis or ear, nose, and throat disease can be arterial endoscopy or endoscopy of ear, nose and throat. If suspected brain tumor, vestibular snail problems, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging ...
Thereby helping to diagnose the exact cause and assign appropriate medication. In addition to taking medication, it is necessary to practice regularly, gently but in the right way, for example, practicing the cervical vertebra to turn left, turn right, tilt your head back, lower your head, to perform the movements slowly no rush, each exercise like that only lasts from 5-10 minutes, should not extend the time .

Elderly People Are Not Subjective With Dizziness

If dizziness due to disorders of cerebral circulation due to hyperlipidemia or hypertension should be noted instead of eating animal fat by eating vegetable oil but also within the permissible limits, it should not be abused and should not be used Used fried oil many times.
If you have high blood pressure, the drug must be used regularly, which medications, how much, must be prescribed by a physician and always be checked for blood pressure (preferably daily check with someone who knows how to measure blood pressure). and standard gauge).

Manifestations of vertigo in the elderly
Dizziness usually occurs at midnight, near the morning, when waking up unable to sit up due to dizziness, dizziness, nausea and possibly vomiting.

People suffering from dizziness, lightheadedness, loss of balance, if trying to wake up may fall or fall to the ground, there are also cases of trauma that fractures bones (chest, pelvis, legs, arms).
These symptoms make people very uncomfortable, especially when the patient changes the position to lean from left to right or vice versa.

Elderly People Are Not Subjective With Dizziness


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